Raise Your Wealth Vibration Today

You may have heard of vibrations, but you may not be sure what exactly they are.

Your vibrations consist of your personal energy, including every action and thought you have ever taken.

It is your unique signature to the universe that declares, “I am me!”

Have you ever had a perfect day when everything went right?

This happened because your vibrations were aligned with the universe.

Do you remember the days when everything turned into a disaster? Well … misalignment all around.

Fortunately, your vibrations can be changed by changing your thinking.

Are you dreaming of increasing your wealth? Do you have something specific in mind, like a vacation, a car, or our house?

Or, maybe you want to increase your inner wealth and become a better version of yourself.

What you receive from the universe will always be a reflection of your thoughts and actions.

If you want more wealth, you need to raise your wealth vibrations.

This will help you manifest exactly what you want.

When you are aligned with the universe, you are in control of your life.

Most of the time, when we want to increase our wealth, we work out a budget, trying to get an increase, or reduce expenses.

Those are good steps to take. However, how often do we use our healing vibrations to connect with the universe of good that is available around us?

When you raise your vibrations, you generate positive energy.

Attracting more wealth can take time, and most of the time, it will take some effort.

A big check won’t land in your bank account overnight. That’s not how the universe works.

Your Thoughts Equal Your Vibrations

Your vibrations consist of your thoughts.

Therefore, to attract greater wealth into your life, you may need to change a few thoughts you have about money.

You may not even be aware of your feelings.

However, if you grew up with ideas like, “Money is the root of all evil,” or “Someone like you will never be rich,” those are exactly the vibrations you are sending out to the universe.

It’s time to change your thoughts.

First, of course, you need to become aware of the ideas that are holding you back and lowering your vibrations.

As you think, so you should vibrate. As your vibrations are raised, you will seek out people and opportunities that will help you achieve great abundance.

Raise Your Vibration of Wealth

You probably grew up with negative thoughts that are still with you and that you still act on.

When you have low vibrations, you can’t help but attract people with the same negative thinking and low energy vibrations.

Unfortunately, many people still don’t know how they really feel about money.

Here are some ways to raise those vibrations.

  1. When you come across some money (which includes your paycheck), be grateful. Develop a positive response to anything to do with money.
  2. As you pay your lunch or monthly bill, continue to feel gratitude. Be happy that you have the means to make these payments. Having money feels good! Feel the joy when you spend money. Saving for future expenses like a home or college is sensible, but you should feel free to enjoy the fruits of your labor during the present, too.
  3. Be aware of your fixed low vibrations when it comes to money (“Only bad people get rich.”) and change them to positive thoughts. This may take some work, because others around you may try to make you feel guilty for accumulating more money. Understand that the problem is them, not you.
  4. When you raise your money vibrations, you will see how good money can make you, and you will easily attract more. Don’t hesitate to use money for good – donate to charities or help someone in need without expecting anything in return.
  5. Don’t be a miser about pennies. People with negative feelings about money get upset about every penny. They may scream when the price of their favorite coffee goes up from $2.75 to $2.95.

Sometimes, they refuse to buy something that is not on sale or available with a coupon.

This negative attitude will have the university turn off your money tap very quickly. Living in fear of money will not attract more of it into your life.

Purposes of Money

Set firm goals regarding your money. How much do you want or need?

What steps are necessary for you to reach your goals – both short-term (getting dinner on the table this week) and long-term (buying a house and putting the kids through college).

Each step requires action that moves you ever closer to your ultimate money goals.

When you act positively to attract more money, you are becoming aligned with the universe and raising your money vibrations.

The more specific you are, the higher your vibrations will rise.

Think about it: money is the root of all wealth.