Desperately Seeking Abundance? Focus Instead on a Sense of Peace on the Last Full Moon of 2021

What kind of energy is giving off as we enter the Gemini Full Moon on December 18th?

This is the last Full Moon of 2021, falling at 27 degrees of Gemini directly opposite the Galactic Center.

The Galactic Center is the heart of our Universe, located at the center of our Milky Way galaxy.

It is home to the most powerful and magical energy and is a sacred point in the sky.

This Full Moon will be charged with powerful energy, perfect for boosting your manifestations.

Are you clear on what exactly you want to focus on creating more of in your life?

If you’re like most people, I’m sure the subject of money is never far from your mind.

Let’s be honest, it occupies a large amount of space in the minds of many people.

The vast majority of us desire more financial abundance.

We would like to go into the next year without the constant anxiety of making our rent every month.

I’m sure we all love to have enough money to buy that dream house or finally take that vacation in paradise.

To send our children to the college of their choice and know that we can afford it.

To leave the things we love or invest in us with organic food, high quality beauty products, and improvement courses.

Having financial abundance means having the resources to live your life as you choose. It’s a beautiful thing!

Want to know how to make sure you are vibrating on the high energy frequency of abundance?

This Full Moon gives you a chance to readjust your frequency.

Every time there is a Full Moon, something tends to surface in our lives.

As the culmination of the lunar cycle, there is usually a peak that occurs.

After the Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius that occurred on December 4th, this Full Moon indicates more illumination. Revealing the darkness in the light.

Jupiter is also active at this time, bringing positive, abundant and expansive energy.

It allows us to open our eyes to what needs to change, and recalibrate our frequency to higher levels.

We can experience clarity of vision, a new way of looking at things, and feel charged with positive energy to take action and make changes.

It is the perfect time to change your vibration around abundance.

We know that energy in need repels money. When you are worried about your bank account, you only get more things to worry about.

What you worry about, you put in motion.

You direct your energy towards the negative instead of the positive.

Feelings of need, panic, and despair do nothing to help your abundance.

Being needy means you are operating from a place of lack – and guess what the energy of lack brings? More lack.

Use this powerful Full Moon energy to shift that energy now.

You don’t have to focus on all the material things you want to bring into your life.

You just want to create a sense of peace. Why?

Because the person who feels a sense of peace in the world vibrates on the frequency of calm, safe confidence. And that person always gets what they need.

I want you to make a list now of all the things you can do to bring more peace into your life.

My list is something like this:

  • Get out into the morning sunlight and breathe.
  • Stop checking social media.
  • Drink more herbal tea.
  • Be present in every conversation.
  • Treat every interaction as sacred.
  • Be in nature every day.
  • Listen to calming music.
  • Treat me and my body with deep reverence.

See how nothing on my list has anything to do with manifesting a Ferrari or a mansion?!

I promise you, starting with yourself is the way to change your frequency into abundance.

When you take care of your body, mind, and spirit, you cultivate a deep sense of confidence and clarity about your life.

It is from that energetic point of view that you can manifest anything you want.

You need to treat yourself holistically. The person who creates what they want to see in their reality is strong on all levels.

You have to start from the beginning, and the beginning is you and your health.

When you bring your focus back to yourself – you create the beautiful energy of peace, and that, in turn, attracts your desires to you.

You completely destroy that energy in need of failure.

When you are calm, happy, grateful and peaceful, you detach from the ‘need’ of money and things.

And of course, that’s when the Universe finally delivers the things you want.

You stopped putting obstacles in your way.

You have dissolved the negative energy you had around money worries.

I know it’s not easy to create peace when you’re concerned with paying a bill or making ends meet.

BUT even if you manage just one hour of your day to get back to peace, you will change the energy in a positive direction.

So remember, this Full Moon in Gemini comes to help you with magical and powerful energy.

You don’t have to worry about anything except finding a sense of peace.

I feel light and calm. I still have I feel at peace with everything that surrounds me.

Every breath I take fills me with peace.

I am grateful for my life in this beautiful and abundant Universe.

I love and accept myself.