Expand your Intuition with the Pisces Full Moon

It’s Full Moon time again and that means another chance to step up your manifestation attempts. The moon offers a cosmic helping hand to enhance and inject energy into all your attempts to make your dreams come true.

It is the ideal time to let go, let go, and release anything that no longer aligns with your ideal life.

In September, the full moon falls on the first and second day of the month in the dreamy and psychic natural Pisces sign.

Astrologically, September is about big energy changes, so maybe we can see this Full Moon at the beginning of the month as a kind of flashlight; lead the way to the last few months of 2020, a year that was filled with transformation and global chaos.

Expand your Intuition with the Pisces Full Moon

When transformation occurs, it requires deep understanding and breaking before new things emerge. We can all use the Pisces energies of this Full Moon to help us release any long-held beliefs about who we are, our past stories, and the limitations we’ve placed on ourselves.

How can you use this Full Moon to be who you want to be, and how can you rise to that frequency?

This is the perfect time to find a balance between spirituality and practicality. To find that middle ground between releasing and going with the flow and grounding yourself to feel centered.

This represents the ideal moment for you to discover how to balance your dreams with your responsibilities to take proactive steps towards achieving your goals.

There is a deep awakening energy around this moon, a sense that we are all being called to tap into our intuition and listen to our dreams, visions, ideas, inspirations and gut feelings.

Take advantage of these during this time and make room in your life for all the wonderful new things to come!

As always, there are specific exercises or actions you can take to make the most of these unique lunar energies during the Pisces Full Moon:

Keep a Dream Journal

Be more aware of your dreams during the week around the Full Moon in Pisces. Keep a diary by your bed so that every morning you can remember and reflect on any messages, signs or nudges from the Universe that appear during the night. Use your findings to think about what you need to let go of or where you are holding yourself back.

This is an opportunity to find clarity and resolution, to be wise, and to filter what really matters to you.b

Rest and Relaxation

You may also find that your emotions are heightened at this time and you feel especially empathetic with others. Be sure to protect your energy by taking time to rest and relax during this week. Don’t overextend yourself, say no to invitations or extra work if that’s what your intuition is telling you.

Unleash your Creativity

The planet Neptune is also in Pisces, and together with the Moon, this means an abundance of creativity. It’s a great time to let your imagination soar. Whether you enjoy art, music, writing, gardening, decorating or cooking, allow yourself to explore all the creative outlets you can during this time. Remember, no limitations. Let the new you be aligned in this moment with your highest goals and dreams.

Soak in the Tub or Go for a Swim

Pisces is a water sign and any chance you can get to swim either at home or in a pool, the ocean or a river can offer restorative healing on all levels.

Take time to meditate

Pisces is all about intuition and listening to your feelings, it’s an ideal time to go inside and contemplate what your inner wisdom is telling you.

Be sure to meditate this week and let your intuition guide you.