Make Heart-Centered Intentions with the Capricorn New Moon

Before I talk about the specific energies of this first New Moon of 2021, I want to draw attention to the intense pressure of the concept of the New Year/New You at this time of the year . We are inundated with emails and advertisements telling us to change some aspect of our lives NOW or else…

Traditionally, the start of a new year is a time for resolutions, intention setting and goal setting – BUT, I also know how easy it is to fall into the trap of thinking you can change everything in your life at the beginning of January.

We are surrounded by messages and emails that tell us that we can put our lives together with a fast diet, work out, plan our time, change our habits etc. Yes, we can do all those things and more, BUT the danger is in trying. too hard to be perfect and make plans and goals we can’t stick to instead of ones we can intentionally move forward with actual lasting success.

Over the years I have discovered that true and lasting change in our lives comes from heart-centered, high-frequency intention setting.

Embracing our inner stillness, our stillness, and listening to our personal truth is what leads to lasting mental, emotional, physical and spiritual change.

Empty promises we make to ourselves out of fear, shame, guilt, or duty never last. The habits that make up our lives will be one of those that come from a true connection with who we are on the inside. Intentions we make once we go inside, meditate and really see a way forward to make changes in our lives and manifest a new reality.

Each New Moon provides another wonderful chance for creating and renewing intentions, and this particular New Moon in Capricorn is especially powerful as it ushers in not only a new year but a new era in the astrology, as we move into the age of Aquarius.

This New Moon in Capricorn takes place on January 13, 2021 at 12:01AM ET and January 12 at 9:01PM PT at 23 degrees.

It marks the beginning of a new cycle, at the beginning of 2021 – a year with energy that moves much faster than we saw in 2020. Get ready for a year of awakening, of rebellion, revolution and surprises – 2021 looks like it will be a year full of volatile but exciting energy starting right in January.

Capricorn energy as an Earth sign, is solid, rigid and fixed. It’s all about setting goals, working on our long-term plans, and making sure we’re channeling our energy into activities that support our ambitions in a practical way.

Capricorn brings out qualities of responsibility, discipline, realism, caution and consideration in all of us. It encourages us to focus on the constructive characteristics related to the sign of the Goat – things like wisdom, maturity and common sense. It sets the tone for building long-term projects with a focus on the future in an ambitious but realistic way.

The energy is definitely strong, so it doesn’t have to be boring! You can definitely unleash your passions and inspiration during this time, just be aware of using the hard-working Capricorn vibes to realistically support your dreams.

This is especially good for anyone who tends to have more scattered energy, perhaps with many grandiose ideas and exciting dreams that they would like to make happen but never manage to keep. With this Capricorn energy you can capture those ideas and turn them into reality through realistic, committed and disciplined action steps.

Since this New Moon is also aligned with Pluto, it is particularly good to let our energy loose and throw ourselves full steam ahead in projects and goals. It’s a great time to create a new transformation and bring a productivity system that makes sense for our goals and that things move with intense passion!

In terms of the wider global community this New Moon suggests a certain amount of tension can be felt around themes of power, government structures and people in power. In this New Moon astrological placement, each planet is in a square to another planet, which is what leads to tension and challenge.

Don’t worry about the meaning of this tension in the larger world, instead take this time to think not only about your own intentions going forward in your life but your intentions for the world as a whole she Now a vision is being created for a new, humanitarian and more compassionate World. We can all contribute to this through our intentions for ourselves and our communities. Take some time to envision the kind of world you want to live in, the kind of world you want to leave behind for future generations.

Heart-centered Intention Setting – When setting intentions around this new moon, think carefully about who you want to be.

Ask yourself, who will I be physically this year? Mentally? Emotionally? Spiritually?

Ask yourself if you give your power to others or if you rely on yourself as your own power source?

Do you believe that the authorities have power over you?
Or can you enjoy your sovereignty as an individual?

Keep yourself in a heart-centered state at all times.

Work on opening your heart chakra using the beautiful rose quartz crystal and through a guided chakra meditation.

Keep yourself grounded by immersing yourself in nature, music, dance, poetry, cooking, or whatever makes you light up and feel centered in your own heart center.

During this time if anything challenges your beliefs or larger upheavals occur in the wider world that rock your boat or make you feel unstable, be sure to stay grounded.

Veils may be lifted and things may come to light in a positive way, but the truth can sometimes cause chaos as it reveals things that many of us may have chosen not to see in order to feel safe. The best way to deal with any turmoil this causes is to keep your heart chakra open and healthy through loving intention and taking care of your emotions.

Ultimately, I believe we are at an exciting moment in the history of our Planet. We are at the beginning of a new world, and the surrender and liberation from the old is of great importance to be able to pass and enjoy the higher frequencies of this new world.

Let go and move on with new opportunities.

Remember that your intentions can always evolve as you evolve and life unfolds along the way. The important thing is to always do the best you can for yourself and others at any given moment, and that comes from a place centered on the heart.

New Moon Blessings to you all.