Five Ways to Get Unstuck with the Scorpio New Moon

We are in the thick of Scorpio season, a time of intensity, passionate energies, and the possibility for profound transformation.

As we enter the final months of this year, it is a crucial time to focus on your vision and gain clarity on your intentions going forward in 2022.

With a New Moon in Scorpio coming up on November 4/5, you are given the chance to consider the following:

  • What has yet to transform in your world?
  • What kinds of positive changes do you long for?
  • Where can you take action towards your dreams?
  • What are your specific intentions?

As always, the New Moon is the ideal time to get clarity about what you really want, what needs to change in your life, and then get busy setting your intentions.

The powerful energies of Scorpio are perfect for making important changes, instigating transformative changes, and boosting any commitment you make towards positive changes.

Scorpio is ruled by water and the Moon likes to be in water signs.

Both the New Moon and Scorpio energies are also characterized by going inward, introspection, reflection, and emotional depth.

This Scorpio New Moon will likely make you feel some unpredictable emotions, maybe even make you look into the darker and heavier areas of your heart and soul.

You may be drawn to release something you’ve been holding on to for too long – any sadness or shame, feelings of guilt, or resentment.

This is a good time to remember that you don’t have to be perfect! In the process of life, we shed layers of our former selves all the time as we evolve and grow.

You don’t always need to strive for perfection, be on the highest frequency or vibrate at your highest level all the time, every single day.

Healing and evolution is a cyclical process, not a one-time quick fix.

Every time you feel less than perfect is a reminder to be compassionate towards yourself and open to growth at all times.

The best thing you can do is make the intention to be open to whatever changes life brings you and accept that you are a human being who is evolving on a unique path.

See anything difficult or challenging that appears in your life around the time of this New Moon as simply a chance for you to commit to going with the flow, accepting uncertainty as a part of life, and being ready to see opportunities and possibilities in any chaos.

In other words – surrender to what is – you will know with all that the Universe is a place of love and you are an unlimited human being within it.

Change and transformation are necessary for growth and healing.

Often, what seems like a deviation from our path, is actually a new and exciting way forward towards your desires coming true in ways you never imagined!

If you’re feeling stuck or stuck with these New Moon energies, consider the following FIVE WAYS to help you transform that stuckness into positive, lasting changes.

ONE: Find the courage to make some changes that you know are long overdue.

This could be in your health, relationships or work life. Maybe a conversation that needs to be had, a change in your diet, or a complete overhaul of your career.

TWO: Allow yourself to set boundaries with people.

If you’re spreading yourself too thin, not saying NO when you need to, and spending your energy in ways that don’t serve you, stop!

Take back your power and use your energy to invest in your well-being instead.

THREE: Seek Improvement in all areas of your life.

Have you been avoiding something that you know would benefit you? Maybe it’s bringing up a regular yoga or meditation practice, or adding more fruits and vegetables to your diet.

Allow yourself to look deeply into all areas of your life with genuine curiosity and honesty about where improvements can be made, and then take action to create change.

FOUR: Stop avoiding your negative feelings and emotions.

Feelings need to be felt in order to spread and be transmuted. The more we avoid fully feeling our pain, the longer our pain remains.

The best way to move through emotions is to allow yourself to feel them.

Allow them to be present, be aware of where they are in your body physically, and allow yourself to feel the discomfort they bring.

You will find that when you stop trying to resist feeling your uncomfortable emotions fully, they actually go away much more quickly and they no longer open up in your mind, body and spirit.

FIVE: Release stuck energy with physical exercise.

Getting out into the sunlight and moving your body is so good for releasing stuck energy.

A brisk walk, run or bike ride can do wonders for your state of mind, and during this Scorpio New Moon season, it should be something you do more often. Stay hydrated and sleep well too!

Finally, I recommend drawing up a new list of your intentions going forward from this New Moon and posting it where you can see it every morning.

Refer to it every day, and see what actions and energy you have contributed to manifesting your dreams with each passing day.

This is a great way to remind yourself to stay on track and keep striving for your goals.

Enjoy this New Moon in Scorpio and remember to use those energies to improve your life!