Reflect, Release, and Manifest: End this Year Powerfully!

Have you ever asked yourself if you have already left the abundance blocks in your life?

These blocks are common in many people. Some are aware of it, but others don’t even know it exists.

We are entering the second to last month of 2021, and it is good to use this time to know what to do about them.

The blocks of abundance are your collective negative beliefs, traumas, emotions, habits, and negative thought patterns.

It can go back to your childhood years.

This can be something that has affected you a lot or from your parents, relatives, friends, or society.

Why is it important to remove abundance blocks?

Abundance blocks can hinder you from being the best version of yourself.

It can stop you from manifesting your wildest dreams. It is the chain that binds you to the old you.

When you have these blocks inside, you are always stuck with worry and struggle.

There are times when life feels like a series of obstacles to overcome but have you considered what might be preventing you from achieving the abundance you desire?

It’s time to look at your life, release any trapped emotions, and remove any barriers of abundance that stand in your way.

Reflect on What Abundance Means to You

Abundance comes in all forms.

But there are many people who think that abundance is a term that only talks about money and material things.

Abundance goes beyond wealth. You can be abundant in your work life, health, family and relationships.

While abundance can take numerous forms, the majority of abundance blocks can be classified into just a few types.

If an abundance block is preventing you from manifesting your desires, then your first step is to discover what abundance obstacles are actually preventing you from achieving your goals.

Here are some examples:

  • Captured Emotions/Hurts/Pains — These are feelings we tend to hide. We bury feelings we don’t want to deal with at some point. And so it gets trapped inside us, one negative feeling after another. Until one day, it will resurface, and cause us to settle.
  • Limiting Beliefs – These are thoughts and ideas that hold you back from your desires. This can be fear, worry, or even the feeling that you are not worthy or enough. Maybe you are thinking that you will never have a good life or you will never be able to afford that car of your dreams.
  • Scarcity mentality — This type of mentality focuses on lack, on things that are missing in their lives that they think will make them happy. It could be a lack of time, money, or material things. Because of this kind of thinking, you are holding yourself back from living an abundant life.

Release Scarcity to Welcome Abundance

Once you know which area in your life you wish to improve and make abundant, it is time to release the blocks of negative energy that surround you.

By removing these blocks, you are also releasing any kind of mindset connected to lack, scarcity or limitation.

By doing so, you can clear your energy and experience higher vibrations which brings you closer to your desires.

So, what is the best way to loosen the blocks of abundance? Through sound healing.

You may be wondering, what is sound healing and what does it have to do with these blocks you have?

I’m sure you already know how loud that sound is. It can make you feel emotions and remember memories.

But have you ever thought that you can remove the negativities?

Sound healing helps you clear the way for abundance so you can finally manifest what you want – anything and everything.

Just like the program Sacred Sound Healing System. It will remove negativities, raise your vibration, and awaken your power to manifest!

Manifest the Abundance You Desire

The first step is to say YES!

Yes, to reflect on what Abundance Blocks you have in your life, and YES to release such blocks.

Now, you are ready to manifest the abundance you desire.

That’s how you can end this year with a bang.

Are you ready to make 2021 your most abundant year yet? It’s never too late!

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