Harness the Fiery Energy of Aries Season to Take Action on your Dreams

This week we will really start to feel the strong fiery energy of the Aries season!

There may have been some watery Pisces energy last week, but now the Aries season is well underway and brings with it some strong leadership, active and powerful energy.

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and heralds the beginning of Spring, or Autumn depending on your location in the world.

Wherever you are, however, Aries marks the beginning of the astrological new year and represents new beginnings that are fueled by its characteristic fire and positive energy.

This sign bursts with life and the energy needed to get things done and take bold steps forward.

If you’ve been looking for a sign to jump beyond your fears and look forward with confidence to where your long-term dreams come true, this is it!

Get on the ball and believe that you have what it takes to make things happen.

It just so happens that we don’t have big retrograde planets either, which adds to the powerful energy connected to forward movement and making big steps in the direction of your dreams.

When the planets are retrograde we tend to reflect and go inward, consider the past and perhaps learn important lessons.

But with all the planets moving forward, we can clearly focus all our attention on where we are going instead!

Aries is associated with the head of the Ram, a symbol of creativity, new ideas, fertility, and also some strong-willed, stubborn, and possibly aggressive energy.

Mars is the ruling planet of Aries, and we all know that Mars comes with a warning side of irritability, conflict, and reactive energy.

All that means is to be careful of overreacting or being overly irritable in your friendships and relationships.

Remember to pause and take a deep breath before responding to something that might trigger you or cause you anxiety or anger.

Aries season affects us with its fiery energy regardless of our zodiac sign.

Aries energy is good for smooth progress, feeling bold and powerful, and being able to jump over any obstacle in your way with ease.

But how can you maximize this energy to advance your goals and provide fuel for your dreams?

The best way to work with this wonderful energy of Aries is to it embodies the most positive aspects that you bring and step into your power.

Consider the following and journal around these questions:

  • In what ways can you embody this leadership energy? Can you change something to really feel like the leader of your life?
  • What can you start that is new? (hobbies, activities, new ways of looking at an outdated situation?).
  • What should be prioritized in your life? What actions can you take to ensure that these priorities get the time they need each day?
  • What new projects, ideas or goals can you work on this month?
  • How can you feel more empowered in your life, what do you need to do to truly embody your role as the writer of your reality?
  • Do you really know your worth? How can you embrace yourself more and hold yourself in high esteem, believe in and love who you are?
  • Allow yourself to write freely without thinking too much about what you are writing.

    In this way you will tap into your higher self, your subconscious – the deep, hidden part of you that already knows all the answers.

    The process of writing down the ideas around the questions above can really help you solidify in your mind what action you want to take.

    It can also help you tap into the confidence you need to see those actions.

    Let this exercise really help you get out of the box. Stop defining limits for yourself!

    If you want to change your priorities, do it.

    If you want to spend more time on a creative project close to your heart — find the time to dedicate to it and make it part of your daily life.

    No one is holding you responsible for your life but you.

    So don’t disappoint yourself!

    Let all this cosmic energy be the wind beneath your wings!

    One final note — don’t forget that all this intense Aries energy can cause burnout.

    Remember to use some self-care practices to make sure you’re taking it easy too.

    Meditate, practice yoga, use essential oils and crystals, and try to carve out time for relaxation every day.

    You can use the following affirmations every morning or evening to bring some of this wonderful Aries energy into your life.

  1. Lead with intention.
  2. I am a creative force to be reckoned with.
  3. I am bold and assertive.
  4. I channel my energy into creativity for the world to enjoy.
  5. I am happy, confident, and full of good intentions.
  6. I am strong in my power.