Heal Through the Power of Nature(Even When You’re Stuck at Home)

Most of us spend a large part of the day on our computers or smartphones.📱 Since most of the world is at home due to the pandemic, there is more chance that we are relying on the devices ours to fill the hours, keep up with work. , news📰, homeschooling our kids🧒🏻, face-timing with family and friends, relaxing with music 🎶 and movies 🎬, and the list goes on and on.

That’s a lot of screen time. We want to stay connected, right?

Right – but what about that other connection? You know, the connection with nature.

The Great Outdoors. Mother Earth. Our planet. 🌏

If you are lucky enough to be able to go out for a walk or a run during this time, this is a big plus. For those who live in cities, small apartments or countries where it is forbidden to be outside, do not give up!

There are still other ways to connect with nature that I will discuss in this blog.

Why Is Nature Vital To Our Health?

Research studies have shown that depression, anxiety, fatigue and ADHD in children are linked to large amounts of screen time. Being near electronics all day means you’re absorbing all those negative ions. When you take a break and go outside, you receive positive ions from nature.

Other studies reveal that those of us who live in green spaces 🌴 or closer to the countryside have fewer health issues and live longer, healthier lives. Not only that but the actual green space itself helps us fight challenges, stress and anxiety, thus contributing positively to our health.

We know that vitamin D found in sunlight ☀️ is beneficial to our health, being outside in natural light is a wonderful tonic for the system.

Studies have also found that being near trees, touching trees 🌳 can significantly reduce stress hormones, improve blood pressure, and relieve anxiety.😌

These same studies show that you don’t even have to be outside for it to work, even just looking at pictures of trees or nature can help.

Japanese researchers have also found that chemicals that come out of plants (phytoncides) can strengthen our immune systems. When we breathe in these invisible chemicals, we increase the natural killer cells in our body.

Walking in nature can also make us more creative, 👩🏻‍🎨 increasing our intuition and cognitive abilities. Think how many great artists, musicians, and writers have been inspired by nature?

It’s a well-known writer’s trick to go to great lengths when faced with a story problem.
There is something about being outside that can work wonders with our imagination, soothing and giving us that mental and physical space to figure things out. Ernest Hemingway was a famous walker, as was Charles Dickens.

How to use the healing Power of Nature?

1. Go Outside

Nothing complicated about it, take 10-30 minutes a day outside. You don’t have to run or walk if you can’t, even gardening, sitting outside or even meditating 🧘🏻‍♂️ outside is amazing for your mind, body and soul. The best way to be outside is to do it carefully. This means engaging with your environment.

Observe what is around you and feel grateful for nature’s blessings. Allow yourself to enter all your senses and absorb what is around you. Your mind and body will enter a deep state of calm. 😌

Great, But What If You’re Stuck Inside?

2. Bring Plants Inside

Heal Through Nature

Make sure your home is full of plants, particularly those spaces where you spend a lot of time. Having a plant in a room can lift the energy and create a positive and inspiring atmosphere. Some plants are even specifically known for being great air filters, check out plants like Aloe Vera, Peace Lilies and Spider Plants.

3. Plant Herbs

If you have even the smallest outdoor space such as a balcony or terrace, you can turn it into a small vegetable garden. You can even plant herbs on your windowsill or in a sunny spot in the kitchen. Planting herbs such as basil, cilantro, mint, sage, rosemary and thyme is relatively simple and ideal for the beginner gardener with limited space.

She loves the aromas that these vegetables bring as well as enjoying their greenness. Even if you feel like you have no space, get creative, hang your plants from the ceiling, there are so many great resources out there to learn how to plant in buckets, jars, pallets, old coffee cups you name it!

4. Pictures of Nature

If you’re lucky enough to have a room with a view, use it! This means taking time to look at green spaces, trees or any hint of nature you can see. If possible, spend as much time as you can in that room and regularly take breaks to pay attention to any greenery you can see. If that is not an option, make sure you have photos or pictures of nature around you.

Turn your favorite nature photo into your screen or desktop picture. Do not underestimate the power of this. Just looking at the picture can calm your anxiety and give you a boost of positivity.

5. Eat Fresh and Connect with Nature

Heal Through Nature

If you can’t go outside, you can make sure what you put inside is natural. This means food that comes from the earth. Buy fruits 🍊, vegetables 🥦, nuts 🥜, and seeds and make these the dominant part of every meal. If you can buy organic or from a local farmer or farm co-op or have a vegetable box. Take it to the next level and grow your own vegetables if you can! You will have the joint benefits of eating well, being out in nature as you tend to your plants and get some fresh air.

Remembering to connect regularly with nature is like taking the easiest medicine 💊 there is. Even putting your hands or feet on grass or soil is an incredible way to connect yourself and bring a deep connection to the earth. It is a reminder that we are all connected as living organisms.

Nature evokes harmony, serenity and a sense of adventure. The wilderness of our planet is full of miracles and wonders. You can appreciate this whether you are out climbing a mountain ⛰, running through the woods or seeing the first sprout of your home grown tomato plant out of the soil.

Nature is so incredible, it always finds a way to carry on, and in the midst of all this turmoil in the world, that can be an incredibly comforting thought. ❤️