5 Fun Stay-At-Home Games To Advance Your Manifestation Skills

Are you running out of things to do at home? 🏡

Why not work more on your manifestation abilities… in a fun way? 🥳

You’re probably tired of sitting around (or lying around!), watching movies and TV series, and you just can’t wait to have a little more fun in your new (unexpected) norm.

So, here’s something fun to do that will benefit you in the long run.

These games for manifestation will serve as a gentle reminder of how the universe works. If you haven’t explored the manifestation process, you can use these games to start your journey.

Let these games lift your spirits in this time when all you can do is stay at home.

1. List Three Things You Want To See

This is kind of challenging to do today but you can give it a shot. It works by listing at least three things you want to see that day. ✍🏼

Keep them simple, and get on with your day. If you see something on your list, cross it off!

By doing this, you will help your manifestations grow stronger than ever before.

2. Count Every Good Deed You Do

5 Fun Games At Home To Advance Your Manifesting Skills

If you want to manifest more wealth and abundance 🤑 in your life, then this is something you can do. Pretend to open a bank account and be your own bank manager.

Every time you do a good deed, add money to your bank account. It could be $50-$100. Feel and See your money in your bank accumulate as you do more good deeds. And if you come across something you want to buy, mentally withdraw the money and imagine buying the item.

3. Send a Telepathic Message

Are you itching to communicate with someone but don’t want to make the first move? 📞 Here’s a simple exercise that can help improve your manifestation skills and get that person to reach your first.

Use your brain 🧠 to send a message to the person instead. Do this every day, or as much as you can in a day. By doing this, you get to draw them onto the same vibrational frequency, which can give them a nudge to contact you.

4. Look for the Universe Guide

Think about what you need help with right now. Is there a specific question that needs to be answered? Or do you need guidance in deciding what to do about a certain situation in your life?

Whatever it is, pick a significant issue in your life and ask the universe a question. Set a deadline for it. Release it into the universe, and wait to see what will appear for you.

5. Ask For A Blessing

Hands of parents and children giving flowers

Similar to seeking guidance from the universe, but from this part, you have to ask for a blessing instead. What blessing do you want to come into your life now? 🤲🏽

Wait in the next 48 hours or name the date and time you want to come in your life. Let it go and wait and see what the universe will send you.

These games of manifestation will require you to listen to the universe and from within. It will open your eyes to every single thing that the universe sends you.

Remember, the universe is always talking to you. You just need to open yourself to it and listen.

These games will help train your state of mind and improve your manifestation skills.

Get stronger in visualization, get those emotions flowing, and start exploring about manifestation.