How to Stop Worrying and Redirect your Energy

Are you a chronic worrier? Do you feel like you just can’t stop worrying?

Maybe your parents told you, you were trouble, it’s just the way you are.

Everyone in your family worries; you have always been known as the disturbing type, etc.

Well, it doesn’t have to be that way anymore.

You can change this right away, now, today.

You can erase that habit, get it out of your system, stop letting it ruin your life.

Create a new story. Create a new truth for yourself.

Worry sucks the energy out of your inner strength. It drains you of the life force.

They spoil the present moment and possibly some of your future moments as well.

We all feel that trouble arises depending on the situation. It is natural to feel fear about change and uncertainty.

Certainly, the last 18 months have shown us that fear and anxiety can become overwhelming once our energy is focused negatively.

Regardless of what is happening in your world and the wider world around you, worrying is not the answer.

Never is the answer.

Believe me. I am a recovered worrier!

And I’m here to tell you that you can stop worrying too.

As I said, occasional worry about things in the future is normal.

As humans, our minds have been wired to be aware of potential dangers since our caveman days.

Being careful at that time would have saved life.

But nowadays, we don’t have to worry too much about wild animals attacking us (depends on where you live, I’m just going to assume!).

Instead, we invent things to worry about. That is the issue here.

Our minds simply make things to worry about that have absolutely nothing to do with the truth of a situation.

Instead, it’s more like our ego-mind has for some reason latched onto the idea that worrying about something will stop it from happening, or make it go away.

You have to realize that worrying about the future does nothing to prevent what you are worrying about from happening or not happening.

Quite frankly, all worrying does is create more worrying.

The energy you waste worrying is precious energy that can be used to manifest your dreams instead.

The energetic frequency of concern attracts lack, not abundance.

Instead of spending your energy worrying, you need to keep that energy and direct it towards things that will actually change your future by improving your life.

“Trouble pretends to be necessary, but it serves no useful purpose.”— Eckhart Tolle

So what do you do? Well, whatever you do, don’t start worrying about how much you’re worrying!

I have some suggestions for you below:

You will replace your insecure feelings with feelings of empowerment, peace, and happiness instead.

Make a list of the things you are most worried about right now.

Your list might look like this, for example:

  • I am worried about my finances.
  • I am worried about my physical health.
  • I’m worried about my relationship.
  • I’m worried that I don’t know what my purpose in life is.
  • I’m worried about not being loved.
  • Now you will replace those statements of concern with affirmative statements of the opposite.

    BUT — don’t write something that doesn’t resonate with your core.

    You have to replace the worry with something you connect with – a feeling in your body, a knowing somewhere deep inside you, under all those layers of anxiety.

    To get to the right kind of replacement feeling, put your hand on your heart and close your eyes as you feel the truth of what you say.

    So, for example, transform your worries with the following substitutions:

    I am worried about my finances – I know there is plenty available to me.

    I am worried about my physical health — I have a healthy and strong physical body.

    I am worried about my relationship — radiating love to myself and others.

    I’m worried that I don’t know my purpose in life — I’m exactly where I need to be right now.

    I am worried that I am not being loved — I am very much loved and cherished.

    Practice writing these down and reading them alone every morning and evening as part of your waking or bedtime routine.

    Another great practice to start changing your thought processes is to express gratitude.

    You don’t have to write every single thing every day.

    Just think back on the day before you go to sleep, and write down a few things that you really, really appreciated.

    It could be a delicious meal, a beautiful bird you saw, or the little baby that walked up to you in the supermarket.

    All these little components that seem to be just random, maybe even mundane details of your life are actually incredible little miracles of the Universe that you get to experience every day.

    And the best thing is that the more you open yourself to see and notice them, the more you stop to really appreciate them – the more magical moments come into your life.

    And guess what? All that disturbing energy is also dissipated.