Self-forgiveness and Manifesting with the New Moon

If you have been following this Law of Attraction topic for a while, you will know that in order to create your reality you need a strong belief in yourself.

Without the belief that you are capable of manifesting what you desire, it will be challenging to attract abundance into your life.

Why is BELIEF so important? Belief is everything.

Self-belief, knowing your intrinsic worth, feeling capable of achieving your dreams, having the discipline and focus to see your desires come true – these are all crucial ingredients in the recipe of your manifestation.

It can be difficult to immediately have the strong belief that you need to manifest successfully, especially if you have experienced hard times, childhood trauma, or simply the daily challenges of life that we all face.

We are born knowing our value as babies, but this is often taken away whether consciously or unconsciously by those around us, parents or carers, schools, society, and events and situations we encounter along our journey.

The good news is that it’s never too late to start cultivating self-belief!

You can release all your outdated perspectives and bad opinions of yourself, it just takes regular work to do so.

One of the best ways to start believing in yourself is to recognize where you feel shame, guilt, anger, or frustration about the choices you’ve made, and forgive yourself for them.

Practicing personal forgiveness will take you one step closer to authentic personal belief.

When you forgive yourself for things you wish you had done differently, you learn to appreciate yourself on a deep level.

You release the energy around those futile emotions of shame, guilt, or regret and step back into your power and worthiness.

Little by little, you can learn to feel true to your worth every day, and in doing so you are actively cultivating a strong belief in yourself!

Self-esteem is essential for you to truly believe that you can have what you want.

When you get stuck in feelings of criticism and lack of self worth, you are not attracting what you want.

You are vibrating at lower energetic frequencies.

As we approach the Pisces New Moon on March 2, 2022, it’s the perfect time to start forgiving yourself and step into a brighter, higher energy of self-worth and self-belief.

Pisces energy radiates with the frequency of looking back and integrating lessons from the past, making now the ideal time to clear any old stories you have about yourself and release them in time to manifest new stories with this the bright New Moon.

Ritual of Self-forgiveness

  • Write a list of things from your past that you would like to release.
  • Write down any emotions you feel that may be linked to these past events or situations that still stay with you. Any regrets you feel, you may still see that your past actions have held you back or created situations you wish they hadn’t.
  • Now write a letter to that past self (you can do this multiple times for each thing/event/situation on your list).
  • In this letter, address that past version of you kindly and with 100% unconditional love. Use this compassion to release feelings of guilt, regret, or shame. What was that past that you want to hear right now? What wisdom have you gained since then that you can share with that previous version of you?

The most important aspect of this ritual is that it connects you with compassion and the understanding that however you feel about your past actions, you are perfectly positioned right now, in the present moment to move on from any negativity and create positive change.

Only by forgiving yourself can you truly be free of the burden of negative emotions that hold you back from self-belief and mastery.

If you feel called to, freely journal around the following prompts:

  • I can release my past and focus my energy on the strong belief that I can…
  • I am so excited to put into daily practice the following positive habits…
  • I can’t wait to practice true self belief every day…

This forgiveness ritual can be incredibly empowering.

I recommend doing this before or around the Pisces New Moon on March 2nd, and then follow up with this:

New Moon Manifestation Ritual

  • Choose a quiet place to sit with your chosen crystals, essential oils or candles.
  • Decide on 1 – 3 wishes that you would like to manifest soon.
    I recommend starting with just 1 to really learn to strengthen this practice.
  • Write down everything that moves you, lights you up, and brings you true joy when you think about this desire.
  • Write any descriptive words that touch this desire. Try to paint the picture with your words.
  • Feel the reality of your vision — meditate for a moment on how it feels to have this thing in your life.
  • Finally, decide on some action steps you can take each day to help the Universe fulfill your wish.

TYPE: Make sure your desire is truly aligned with what you BELIEVE you can have. If you are not there (don’t worry!) keep working to cultivate your faith.

Happy New Moon Manifesto!