How To Use Gratitude To Manifest Your Desires

Gratitude goes hand in hand with manifestation.

Feeling truly grateful is the first step to seeing your desires materialize in front of you.

Gratitude is not about complaining to the Universe or pretending to be happy with what you have when you really hate your life!

Gratitude is about a present moment of high vibrational emotion. It is a grounding and calming high frequency emotion that centers you in the feeling of contentment for the things that are going well in your life.

When you genuinely feel gratitude for things in your life, be it events, people, parts of your own personality, the sun shining that day, whatever it is – you resonate on a high, vibrational level. your energy and brings you into alignment with your desires.

In this way, you can use gratitude to strengthen your manifestations!

Gratitude is an emotion in the present. When you feel gratitude you are experiencing happiness in the present moment, and the Universe responds to this.

How To Use Gratitude To Manifest Your Desires

What is even more helpful is if you can actually feel that gratitude physically in your body. The happy vibration that comes from gratitude can actually lift your spirits, change your mood, and even affect you on a physiological level.

Dr. Joe Dispenza says that you can teach your body chemically what your mind has already understood. When you experience your emotions physically in your body you condition your body over time to work in harmony with your mind.

When you do this repeatedly, through meditation, visualization or a gratitude journal, you change your reality, and make this feeling innate to you. Combining a clear intention for your future with this strong emotion of gratitude will draw that desired future into your life.

How does it work?

Start being grateful for the things you already have by looking for the good in everything that happens to you.

When you feel gratitude for something, let’s say a gift that someone just gave you or a situation that happened in your favor – you feel the feeling of appreciation and joy. Those positive feelings are happening in the present.

What it gives the Universe is a very strong vibration of joy and appreciation in the NOW.

Let’s say you are hoping to find your life partner. If you can already create in your mind a sense of gratitude for finding that love and friendship right now, you are evoking the same vibration as if it were already happening to you. When you do this, and the emotion is strong and you repeat it regularly, you will magnetize that life partner to you. The best way to do this is through meditation and visualization on a regular basis.

If you can reach a point during your visualization where you really feel those feelings of gratitude for what you wish to happen, you are vibrating at that frequency.

The best thing to do is to practice this often and try to stay in the emotional state for as long as possible after completing the meditation or visualization.

The goal is really to end your meditation feeling as if it has already happened. NOW, this does not mean you are acting delusional! You’re not supposed to be walking around telling people you’ve met someone you haven’t yet.

It means feeling the happiness of that emotion and carrying it with you into your day. When you do this repeatedly you begin to cultivate a deep sense of knowing that your desire already exists and is making its way to you.

In fact, what actually happens is that when you already feel grateful for things that don’t seem to have arrived (but you feel they already exist) you no longer experience a feeling of waiting or looking for something you don’t have. When you’re not waiting or looking you’re not giving off the vibration of “it hasn’t arrived yet” or lack.

You are vibrating at a frequency you already have and the Law of Attraction will see you come.

Often when people reach this state of knowing that their desires are coming, they stop spending energy wishing and waiting and hoping for things, they become happier with their present moment life – and it becomes less important to receive these wishes (which ironically). makes them come faster!).

So to recap:

  1. Cultivate the strong emotion of gratitude as often as possible.
  2. Start with things you have already experienced and move on to feel sincere gratitude for things yet to come.
  3. Repeat and evoke these feelings often in your mind and feel them in your body when you meditate and visualize.
  4. Watch your life transform!

Practice gratitude and take your manifestation to the next level!