How Your Intuition Can Help You Manifest Your Desires Quicker

When it comes to manifestation, I feel that most of the time we do it by force.

Although there is nothing wrong with using some force to move it towards what we want to achieve, we tend to forget a valuable component—our intuition.

Our intuition plays a vital role in calling in our desires because it gives us clues that will direct us to the right path.

We need to listen to those hints.

Because the truth is, it is not our mind that will guide us there; rather, it is just a tool we use to manifest. What will guide us to our desires are the intuitive decisions we make.

Our sixth chakra, also known as the Third Eye, is vital to how our intuition works.

It is where we experience inner knowing. That “gut feeling” you have would not be possible if it were not for this chakra. Without it, we won’t have the ability to let our imaginations run wild and look into our deepest desires.

When we learn to access our intuition, it becomes easier and easier to access it.

When we live with our intuition, we want to make sure we are making the best decisions possible. Without instinct, we make decisions based on our ego, which will be fear-based and low-vibration; therefore, you have no guarantee that it will be right for you.

On the other hand, making decisions based on our intuition and inner knowing would mean that these decisions are pure and high vibration.

The third eye is also a manifestation of psychic powers and deep knowledge. Here are signs that your third eye is open:

You Have a Heightened Sense of Self

When your third eye is open, you will notice an increase in your sense of self. You feel one with the Universe. When you have a greater sense of self, you can rely more on yourself instead of someone else. That way, you can get the life you’ve always dreamed of having.

You Will Feel A New View Of The World

If you notice gradual changes in how you perceive the world—for example, you’ve become calmer and more forgiving because some of your perspectives are changing, your third eye has probably been opened. You may also not find any reason for the good changes, but trust in your intuition and the spiritual powers that will guide you to a better life.

You Will Notice An Increase In Foresight

Do you feel that little tug in your stomach that tells you something is about to happen before it does? Do not ignore this feeling because it is guiding you forward. Indeed, it is scary at first, but it is your power that you are starting to feel in your body. Get familiar with it because when you do, it will be easier for you to let it show you the right path.

Since the third eye is valuable for your intuition and intuition is crucial for manifestation, opening your sixth chakra allows you to manifest your desires more quickly.

In fact, you can use the third eye alone to manifest your desires:

  1. Think of what you want to manifest.
  2. Imagine entering the third eye from the point between your eyes.
  3. Chant and affirmation that is suitable for what you want to manifest three times.
  4. Send it to your third eye and empower your thinking.

It may seem easy, but the truth is, this will take a lot of practice. When you take care of it, you will feel more aligned with your intuition which will help you during the manifestation process.

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