Increase your Manifestational Powers with the New Moon in Aries

Aries is full of dynamic energy, and this wonderful New Moon that falls on April 11/12 carries an extremely powerful energy to manifest, set intentions, and new beginnings.

That’s great news if you’re feeling ready for a fresh start and excited about pouring your energy into new goals, visions and adventures that you can pursue with purpose and intensity.

Since Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, this New Moon is essentially the beginning of a new lunar cycle and represents a new season in our lives.

This astrological energy illuminates us with strong energy to make changes, wipe the slate clean and stand at the beginning of a new chapter in our lives.

Think about how the sky is dark whenever the moon is at this point in its cycle.

The New Moon is invisible, and the beautiful night sky appears to us as a blank canvas that offers us the chance to rewrite our stories.

A chance to manifest our desires. Time to think about how we want to fill our lives.

This New Moon in Aries offers a powerful gateway to setting intentions.

Our abilities to manifest are increased. There is no better time to start attracting what we desire!

Now as we are at the beginning of a new cycle, in 2021, use this New Moon to start your dreams, visions and goals.

Aries is ruled by Mars, the warrior planet, and you can feel fearless, competitive, and fired up to take charge and go after what you want with assertiveness.

Here are some important things to remember about setting intentions and using all this cosmic energy:

1. When setting intentions, be sure to speak or write them in the present tense.

For example, say “I’m increasing my financial abundance”, rather than “I will be rich.”

This is because if you set intentions in the future, you only strengthen the energy of your desire that will not be achieved in the future instead of it happening now, in the present, and in your control.

You must state things as if they are already happening or have already happened.

Try to imagine that you are already receiving the desired result now.

“I live a life of true abundance”

“My creative flow increases every day”

“I shine with radiant strength”

Part of the magic of affirmations and intentions is the fact that these desires already exist in the quantum field, and by repeating them as present tense realities, you align with them much easier and faster.

2. Try to state your intentions from a place of appreciation and gratitude.

Manifestation is about energy alignment and frequency.

If you are repeating statements or writing intentions from a place of low vibration, negative energy you will not resonate with their power and will not change much in your life.

In order to truly create your desired reality, you must feel its vibration in your body physically and emotionally.

Being in a place of gratitude and appreciation for your life will greatly boost your intentions of positive energy.

3. Be aware of your words and actions.

The New Moon increases the influence of our words and actions, so be sure that your words and actions reflect where you want your energy to actually flow.

Keep checking that you are aligned with what you actually want to manifest.

For example, if you are focused on attracting more money, don’t waste time scrolling through social media and feeling jealous of what other people have and comparing your life.

Remember to focus on what you want, not what you don’t want.

That’s where gratitude can really help turn things around, just making a quick list of things you’re already grateful for can change your vibration.

4. Be aware of self-sabotage and self-imposed limitations.

If you find that limiting beliefs surface at this time, see if you can shift those thoughts away from limitation and instead toward abundance.

For example, a thought “I can’t do it.” or “I’m not talented enough.” or “Things never work out for me.” they are all limiting beliefs that do not serve you.

Instead, try to capture those thoughts and inject them with a positive message, and reframe them to serve you.

For example, “I’m trying my best and I intend to improve.” or “I can face this challenge with confidence and learn more about my inner strength and resilience.”

Your language and the way you choose to speak to yourself is so powerful.

Please make sure you are using words of love, kindness and compassion.

Shifting your thoughts toward abundance and away from limitation requires self-love.

5. Your Cosmic Back-up

Our heavens are filled with the cosmic energy needed to move forward with intention and purpose to get things done.

Not only are there no retrograde planets right now, but Venus, Eris, Ceres, Mercury, Chiron, the Sun, and the Moon are all in the fire sign of Aries, which means strong forward movement .

Now is the ideal time to be led by your desires and not by your fears.

Use this energy to break out of places where you have been stuck.

You can make big changes going forward and move freely now with a fast and assertive energy that supports you and your dreams.

So Remember:

  • Commit yourself to your dreams.
  • Plan, strategize and implement your goals.
  • Dismantle and uncover any limiting beliefs and use them as a catalyst for positive growth and change.
  • Move forward strengthened by all this positive energy of Arien.
  • Set your intentions with courage, confidence and affirmation.

Enjoy all the wonderful, fresh and creative energy around us, it’s a chance to harness it and use it however you want.

A chance to create your life and manifest as the limitless creator that you are!