Is it Hard for you to Visualize yourself as Abundant? You may have a blocked Third Eye Chakra

Do you have a hard time seeing yourself as abundant?

Is it challenging for you to imagine yourself actually having the money you desire and living your dreams?

If you answered yes, you may need to work on clearing your Third Eye Chakra.

Having a clear vision of the life you want to attract is a crucial part of manifestation.

If you don’t fully believe or see yourself with the abundance you desire, you will have a harder time getting there.

Chakras are the energy centers of our bodies. Each has a distinct purpose and corresponding physical and emotional issues that manifest in our health and well-being when blocked.

Your Third Eye Chakra helps you see the true nature of everything.

It is the center of your intuition, your soul wisdom, and your higher self.

Imagine for a moment what you could do to improve your own life and that of others if you had millions of dollars.

Do you donate to children in need? Or help animals in danger?

How can you make a positive impact on the planet with your financial abundance?

Maybe you would like to set up an orphanage, a cultural community center, or an animal sanctuary?

If it is difficult for you to connect those ideas with reality, you know that you need to work on releasing those blocks in your Third Eye Chakra.

Being able to figure out what to do with your large fortune is so important.

Often our Third Eye Chakra gets blocked because other people’s beliefs have replaced ours.

This often begins in our childhood or adolescence, when our parents’ wishes for us take over.

The influence of what other people believe and want for us can drown out our own inner voice and obscure our true vision.

When we are growing up, we are so vulnerable to external influences, to the wishes of our parents, society, etc.

We can easily put aside our dreams and forget to follow the wisdom of our hearts.

Parents often try to mold their children into their perfect vision, sometimes not realizing they are even doing it.

This can be so confusing for children, who grow up to be adults lacking in self-belief and true direction.

Even those of us who may have successfully climbed the career ladder and objectively seem to have ‘made it’ can still suffer from a lack of clear vision.

If you have been stopped from creative expression or dissuaded from your true path, you may have real problems to see what you actually want.

Often the root cause of a blocked Third Eye Chakra is ignoring your inner voice for too long.

If this resonates with you, let me explain some easy tools to start clearing that chakra today.

Of course, continued energetic work is essential to go deep and truly heal your blocks.

Here’s how you can start clearing your Third Eye Chakra today.

Focus on the Now

A blocked Third Eye Chakra can make you feel ungrounded and scattered.

Calm a busy mind and focus on the present moment.

Remind yourself that being in the present moment is where all your power is.

Slow yourself down by focusing on sounds or things in nature, such as falling rain, waves on the shore, or the wind in the trees.

Try to do this every day.

Working with crystals

The Third Eye Chakra is represented by the color indigo, a shade of blue/purple.

Use crystals such as amethyst, blue quartz, sodalite, or tanzanite to focus your attention on your inner vision.

You can have these crystals around you, or just hold one in your hand while meditating.


Use the following prompts to dig deep into what your personal blocks may be in this area.

How would my life change if I completely changed my beliefs about myself and what is possible for me?

What were my dreams for myself when I was still a child?

What patterns do I need to leave once and for all?

Free Writing

Start creating your ideal life by writing about it.

Imagine the things you really want, even if it’s still hard for you to connect with them as a reality.

Let your page be a space to stretch your wild imagination, let it go as far as possible.

Making this a regular practice will train your mind to visualize further and further away from your current limitations and remind you that anything is possible.

Practice Decision Making

One of the best ways to tell that you have cleared and developed your Third Eye Chakra is when it becomes easy for you to distinguish between inner guidance and fear.

Start applying this technique to every decision you are making in your life, big and small.

For example, I said no to a social invitation.

Did your response come from your inner self telling you to avoid the situation for your highest good, or are you afraid for some reason?

Or maybe you have the opportunity to start learning a new language or skill.

Are you putting it off because you intuitively know it’s not your path, or out of fear that you won’t succeed?

The idea is to get more and more in tune with your inner truth.

This will always be different for everyone, and not every opportunity or social invitation is for your highest path.

Only you can know what is true and good for you, but you have to work to make sure that the answer is really coming from a pure place, and not from old fears.

An affirmation you can use is:

Everything I seek, I can find within me.

Good luck!