Learn to Navigate Mercury Retrograde with Flow and Ease

How is January going so far for you?

We kicked things off cosmically with a New Moon in Capricorn last week, an upcoming Full Moon on January 17th and right now we’re entering the first Mercury Retrograde of 2022.

Remember that navigating planetary energy is essential, and every single transit contains a lesson for us all.

This first Mercury Retrograde begins on January 14th, in the sign of Aquarius, before returning to Capricorn and turning direct again on February 3rd.

We usually experience Mercury retrograde three times a year, but 2022 is one of those years with a few more, and we will have four Mercury retrogrades.

Don’t panic though, all this indicates that it’s time to really reflect, slow down and make sure we’re taking care of ourselves, mind, body and spirit.

It’s the perfect time to shift focus, check in with your higher self, and rethink any long-term visions that may need some editing or fine-tuning.

Quick reminder — What is Mercury Retrograde?

Mercury is the closest planet to the sun, so the time it takes to rotate is only 88 days.

It seems like an illusion that Mercury is going backwards three or four times a year. The same thing happens with other retrograde planets.

Our ancestors in ancient astrology believed that when a planet went retrograde, it traveled through the underworld, symbolizing the hidden parts of our own minds, ensuring that all the murky corners of our psyche were brought to light. -light to our attention.

To understand this further, look at the retrograde planet and what themes it rules or is linked to symbolically.

Mercury rules over our mind, communication, technology, and travel — ie Mercury retrograde can affect these three areas of your life, causing some kind of turmoil or showing you where you need to put your attention carefully.

People often advise against signing contracts or commitments of any kind during Mercury retrograde.

It is best to check everything and be more vigilant!

Mental processes and communication are particularly in focus at this time.

It is a great chance to assess where your thoughts go and how to direct energy towards what you actually want.

You may want to pay close attention to the way you communicate in the world, both to others and your inner dialogue.

A lot of people jump about Mercury Retrograde, but there’s really no need.

If you know WHEN it is happening, then you can be alert to the ways in which it can affect you. Forewarned is forearmed!

Aside from that, it’s actually a wonderful time to connect in deeper ways with your inner self and subconscious.

The energy is ideal for tapping into your dreams, inner visions, and intuition.

I prefer to see Mercury retrograde as an opportunity to gain clarity on how to communicate and think.

The Universe is not against us, and when we understand the galactic and planetary movements going on in the heavens above us, we learn to work with the energies and understand how they can support us in our lives, rather than being afraid of them.

Another point to note is that in 2022 Mercury will retrograde mostly in earth signs, which indicates our need to focus on our commitments, to base our dreams in reality, and be inspired to take action moving forward towards our goals.

Here are some spiritual ways to cope and navigate this cosmic retrograde:

Slowly: Cool, stop, and reflect.

Retrograde is not a time to push forward, but to remain quiet and aware. Practice self care during this time.

If you’re feeling sluggish, or you’re missing that get-up-and-go attitude you were hoping for at the beginning of this year, don’t fret.

You’ll get that energy back, meanwhile, focus on going within, being still and quiet, and connecting with your inner voice.

Healthy Habits: Part of slowing down requires evaluating any habits that are holding you back.

How are you looking after your physical and emotional well-being?

Make sure you’re tracking any areas of your life that need more healing, whether that’s integrating better nutrition, more exercise, or meditation.

Careful communication: Spend these days taking inventory of exactly how your internal dialogue tends to flow.

Do you spend your thoughts wisely? Are you wasting a lot of time worrying? Or are you aligned with abundance, creativity, and healing?

Make sure your communication is positive, it always starts with the way you talk to yourself.

Digital Detox and Self Care: Take some time to backup your data during this period.

It is the main power for dropping phones, spilling things on laptops, system errors, or losing passwords!

You can also take advantage of the energy to take time away from technology.

The more you disconnect, the less likely you’ll be frustrated with tech problems or hiccups!

Double Check: If you’re usually a fly-by-the-seat of your pants kind of person, you’d be well advised to channel your perfectionist, box-checking side.

Mixed messages, miscommunication, delayed travel, missed flights, mixed up dates — these are all on the table during Mercury Retrograde.

Be careful to double check everything important to you and be prudent and vigilant about any travel arrangements you make.

If you remember to take things slow and go with the flow of the cosmic energy instead of pushing against it – all will be smooth sailing.

You may even learn to love Mercury Retrograde!