No More New Years’ Resolutions in 2022!

Happy new year everyone!

I know it sounds peculiar – do you forget your New Year’s resolutions? Surely, this is not right!

Everyone is talking about their resolutions for the new year.

Everyone is saying goodbye and saying goodbye for 2021 and making big and beautiful plans for 2022.

BUT what if that’s not the right attitude to create the life of your dreams?

What if making New Year’s Resolutions only holds you back?

Think about it – how many people do you know who start the year with their list of ‘must do’s’ and big goals only to drop the ball on them all by the end of the month?

I’ll tell you the statistics (not to put you down – to see that there must be another way) 80% of New Year’s resolutions fail by February.

That’s a staggering amount, isn’t it?

You can say that it is quite indicative of some kind of problem shared by many of us.

Something like lack of motivation? Lack of follow up?

Laziness? Procrastination? All of the above?

Please don’t be discouraged or ashamed thinking about the plans you failed to keep.

I will tell you what I think is the reason for this lack of follow-up – it is bad planning and misunderstanding of the human mind.

It’s too big mentally to just decide that 2022 is the year to make a million dollars, lose weight, meet your soulmate, run a country, have a family, or fill in the blanks here WITHOUT game plan or to get your mind right first.

You can create the most beautiful, glitteriest and most inspiring list of resolutions in the world but if you don’t know HOW you are going to achieve those goals it is useless to you.

There’s also the fact that having twelve whole months stretching out in front of you can seem like an eternity to accomplish these things, so what motivation do you have to start today?

Can you just wait and do it in July, or October right? Wrong.

The truth is that if you want to change, I mean REAL CHANGE in 2022, you have to create a strategy for yourself that works!

You must ALIGN your mind with the frequency of your intentions.

You must focus on small, incremental steps to reach your goals.

You have to BELIEVE in yourself and in your ability to create change.

I’m not saying DON’T have intentions — I’m saying CREATE intentions with a game plan.

New Year’s resolutions tend to anchor you in the energy of failure.

They draw attention to what you don’t have and focus on the things you long for but can’t achieve.

They remind you where you feel you are failing.

When you boldly declare ‘I want to be thinner this year!’you are saying ‘I’m overweight.’

If you say ‘this year I will make my fortune!,’ your words may sound good, but the energetic vibration you are resonating in sounds like ‘I’m poor’ to the Universe.

These types of resolutions without intention and strategy tend to highlight your flaws — too fat, too unhealthy, too poor, too alone, not successful, etc.

I believe there is a magic recipe to make sure you really make 2022 the year you thrive in abundance.

It goes something like this:

  • Decide on your top 3 intentions for the coming year.
  • Decide on the action steps you can take to manifest these intentions.
  • Break the year into smaller chunks (ie 10 weeks at a time or 12 weeks / 3 months at a time).
  • Create challenges and deadlines in these smaller periods that serve your larger intentions (take your action steps).
  • Reward your triumphs, no matter how small. This ensures that you create positive momentum and is great for your dopamine levels and brain chemistry.
  • Carve out time each day to get your mind right. This means, positive, clear and healthy thinking and meditation!

When you are consistently in a good place spiritually, emotionally, and mentally you are much more likely to achieve your goals and will feed your dreams with good energy.

The key to successful change this year lies in integrating your goals into your life in a lasting way.

You need to introduce positive daily habits and routines that keep you aligned with your intentions.

Instead of rushing into the excitement and high of New Years, make a grounded, smart and success-oriented action plan to actually see your dreams come true.

My top tip: Plan your deadlines and rewards for hard work in advance in a digital agenda or calendar.

Remember to keep it in a tighter time frame (12 weeks for example), and look forward at the beginning of each week to what is required of you that week.

This helps to organize your mind, schedule and keep you on track.

Believe in your ability to make changes and never stop dreaming!

BUT dream big, be detailed and above all believe that your dreams are coming true!


You must ALIGN your mind with the frequency of your intentions.

You must focus on small, incremental steps to reach your goals.

You have to BELIEVE in yourself and in your ability to create change.

You have everything you need within you now to create a beautiful, magical and abundant 2022!