Preparing for the August Full Moon: What Should You Do Based on Your Zodiac Sign?

Another full moon will take its place in the night sky on August 11th.

And he is asking us to take a step back and appreciate everything.

This lunation is all about gratitude.

Tuning in gratitude helps you more in your manifestations because it brings positive emotions and raises your vibration.

As the full moon is about to happen, take this time to prepare your mind, body and soul.

Here’s what to do based on your zodiac sign.


You may need to be a shoulder to cry for your dear friend. It’s time to tap into your caring side.

Give time to your friends or family and be there for them in times of need. This shows you how much you value the connections you’ve made.

You can even go far and do charity work if you like.


Your social position will change after the full moon, Taurus.

The second part of August will find you busy with creative endeavors and yes, you may fall in love or develop a romantic connection, so make sure you get some quality sleep because you will be busy.

It’s all about balance for you.

Enjoy the artistic opportunities that will present themselves, but also keep yourself open to the love that is for you.


You can feel the excitement in your mind right now, Gemini.

You want to start working on your passion, and that’s fine. But be sure to be grateful for the blessing from the Universe.

Make a gratitude list of all the things you are grateful for and read them to the Universe.

Ask for a sign and once you receive it, that’s a go sign to push through with your plans.


The world doesn’t feel so dark and unpredictable when you’re surrounded by beauty.

Make a place for yourself in your home where inspiration flourishes and where inspiration can flow freely!

You will be unstoppable when you are in the zone.


You sure know how to enjoy life, Leo. Take this time to practice a balance between work and play.

Once you have mastered it, you can do whatever you set your mind to.

This is the best time for you to focus on working towards that promotion with a little fun in between.


You worked hard, Virgo.

This lunation is about you resting.

Take a step back from what you are doing and evaluate yourself.

Try meditation and self-care.

Just focus on yourself during this time.

And you feel renewed and fresh — ready to take on any challenge you face.


Something is about to change.

It could be at your workplace or in your love life. And before that happens, you need to focus on self-care.

Take time to go on dates alone or get a massage.

Whatever you need to do to give yourself peace of mind before the big change is coming.


To attract wealth, you need a good outlet for your feelings.

Focus on expressing yourself creatively through different activities such as writing or drawing and exploring the world around you with all your five senses in order to manifest what you want.


If you are having a hard time expressing your emotions and built up frustration, they can hold you back.

You will not be able to manifest your greatest possible life if this continues.

It is essential that we express these feelings and find ways that work well for others around us, so that they understand how we feel without feeling judged themselves.


Your natural luck will bring you success this full moon.

You might find yourself enjoying playing more than working if that’s what makes you happy right now — so take some time for fun!

You deserve it!


This is the perfect time to innovate or try something new.

It will surely bring the flow of wealth that you have been dreaming of.

Think about what you want to do to express yourself and turn it into art, and you will see that the Universe is smiling on you – ready to grant you your wishes.


This full moon is asking you to rest. He did it.

This is for your own good. You’ve had a busy month at work and it’s time to reap the benefits.

Make time for yourself and don’t forget to work on your relationships too.

Sometimes, you can get so caught up in work that you forget to focus on your family and friends.

Are you ready to prepare for the beautiful full moon that is about to come?