Align yourself with your Dreams with the Aquarius New Moon

On January 21st we have a New Moon in Aquarius and it’s bringing some super exciting energy all about new beginnings!

If you’ve already broken your New Year’s resolutions, don’t worry – this super new moon falling at 1 degree of Aquarius brings fresh new energy to help usher you into 2023 the way you want to go.

Shortly after this New Moon on the 21st, we have all the major planets going direct!

This means no major planets in retrograde – which is all about strong forward momentum.

The week after January 21st is the perfect time to set your intentions and map out your goals for the coming year.

It is also a good time to make a decision about how you will move forward and take action during the year.

  • What kind of energy do you want to embody in 2023?
  • Do you have a game plan for your intentions?
  • Where do you want to relax more and stop trying so hard?

Aquarius is symbolized by the water bearer which is also a symbol for emotional healing.

The energy generated around this New Moon calls us to understand that our most important task is to heal ourselves.

It is only once we have done the inner work and healing that we can truly live an aligned life.

It’s a great time to focus on some meditation or shadow clearing work to bring yourself into a central place to make grounded intentions.

This New Moon also teaches us to be kind and to take a calm and open approach to everything.

Instead of making big, grand plans, decide to be kind to yourself.

Whenever we try too hard to make things happen, we end up pushing them further away from us.

That’s the Law of Attraction in action.

It is always better to control your energy around your goals by letting things flow more easily.

Energy flows where attention goes – but you don’t want to grab onto things with an iron grip.

The trick to controlling your energy lies in being relaxed and open to all outcomes.

When you believe in the inherent benevolence of the Universe, you let things flow to you in perfect timing.

This Aquarius New Moon can teach us all how to find that perfect balance between setting intentions and finding the alignment that lets things flow our way.

There is a magnetic energy that comes with this New Moon in Aquarius this January that can bring everything you desire into your life, just make sure you approach everything you do slowly and be present with every single thought you have.

An easy way to ensure that your energy and focus are aligned is to simplify your life as much as possible. Be aware of your days.

Choose to put your focus only on what really matters to your soul.

Notice where you are, who you are with, and what you are doing when you feel most alive, happy and joyful.

Notice what gives you the most energy and do it regularly.

Nourish your body with delicious, healing and wholesome food. Feed your mind and soul with interesting books, movies, conversations and activities.

Stay physically active every day, stretch your body, move your legs, breathe deeply and drink plenty of water.

Always make sure you get the right amount of sleep.

At the end of each day reflect on how you spent your time and ask yourself, did this day bring you closer or further away from your dreams?

We tend to make things seem ultra complicated when really they are so simple.

You can have a million vision boards, crystals, and self help books but what you really need to do is know your own mind and control your energy.

Keep life simple and feel more in tune with yourself.

Do more of what makes you happy and peaceful and let that energy bring more things to your experience that make you feel happy and peaceful! It’s as simple as that.

Allow the power of this beautiful and powerful New Moon in Aquarius to bring clarity to what you want, and let it guide you forward on the perfect path for you.

Try reciting or writing these positive affirmations this New Moon:

I attract endless abundance when I control my true energy.

I am more in tune with what I want when I simplify my life.

I deserve to receive everything I desire.

When I heal my shadow I open myself to a higher frequency.