Release your Grip on Perfectionism in time for the Virgo Full Moon

The next Full Moon will be shining in the sign of Virgo on March 18th.

The Earth sign Virgo represents practicality and perfectionism.

It is a sign associated with health, being of service to others through actions that improve and improve the lives of other people.

Virgo is wise and able to see what is true in the midst of conflicting information.

Virgo can find order in chaos and distill what is important.

This Virgo moon is the final Full Moon before the start of the new astrological year, an ideal time to move on and leave behind everything that no longer serves you.

It is the perfect time to consider what you have learned over the past year and decide on the wisdom you will take with you into your future, as well as knowing what should be left behind.

The powerful energies of Virgo may be calling you to look within and reflect on what needs to be released.

Full Moons are always the most intense time for cleansing and purifying, letting go of the old and stagnation, and preparing to receive the new.

Virgo perfectionism may be calling you to notice where you are getting things right in your life.

It can be a way you approach your work, a relationship, a friendship, or even the processes you use to plan your days.

Look at what isn’t working for you and be honest about it.

Sometimes we have to adapt and let go of what just isn’t working – but the first step is to recognize what those things are and be open to changing our approach.

For example, maybe you have been forcing yourself to reach a certain goal by a specific date.

Maybe you’ve put processes in place to make sure you do the work necessary to achieve these goals, but somehow you’re still not making progress.

Maybe you are beating yourself up over this (Hello perfectionism!).

Instead you become your own worst critic (another strong characteristic of Virgo), why not accept that the process doesn’t totally work for you?

Sometimes when we let go of our grip on what we think we want, it manifests in a whole new way.

You may just need itjust go with the flow, become more flexible with your time, your goals, and your approach to them.

Often, taking a day to ourselves is what we need to find inspiration for a creative project.

Instead of spending that time staring at a blank screen or canvas and feeling frustrated, you could be letting go of all that pressure and enjoying some time in nature, or with a friend, or meditating.

I’ve found that when you least expect it, creative ideas often appear wonderfully when you’re doing something unrelated to your project.

This can also apply to anything – a problem you’re having in your relationship, a fight with your children, your co-workers, etc.

We often let perfectionism and the need to have it all figured out, is what allows us to manifest the solutions we need!

Do you feel that perfectionism gets in the way of your dreams?

Afraid to jump into the unknown?

Do you feel like you’re sticking to invisible rules that limit you and don’t allow you to truly express your authentic self?

Try this Exercise:

  • Get a notepad or piece of paper and divide it into three sections for the lists.
  • On the left side, write down all the things you are striving for. Your goals, dreams and desires.
  • In the middle section write down the things you want to leave behind – the ways in which you stop yourself from achieving your goals. The behaviors or processes that don’t seem to be working for you 100%.
  • Take a few minutes to meditate on what you have written.
  • try to feel as you can achieve your goals with new ideas, new approaches, and new ways of thinking.
  • Now write a list of how they might appear on the right side of your page.

Try to think of ways in which you can release your grip on the old you, and think instead of how you can jump into a brand new way of thinking, feeling and being.

One that brings you more freedom, love and happiness. Let yourself be different!

This energy from the Virgo Full Moon is powerful and full of the right momentum for you to disconnect from outdated ways of being, ideas of perfectionism, and having to do things a certain way.

Use this energy to move you forward spiritually, emotionally, and practically to embody your new self.

To feel into your soul’s purpose and embody the energy that vibrates there.

See what the energy is calling you to do.

Maybe it’s to get up an hour earlier to read, paint, or go for a walk.

Maybe it’s to change direction in your business or to branch out into new friendship groups.

The only thing you have to remember is that you can trust whatever resonates with your heart and soul.

Even if it doesn’t make total sense, and even if it seems counterintuitive – trust what your higher self tells you.

Set the intention under this Full Moon magic to listen to your higher self.

And let it guide you forward on a journey where your Soul already knows the way.