The Habit of Saving

“Both success and failure are largely the Results of Habit.”

When Napoleon Hill spoke about the Law of Behavior, he meant how to shape your personality through the repetition of the same patterns of behavior and ways of thinking.

Where finances are concerned, what blocks a person’s ability to use the Law of Attraction and manifest their desires is to believe that their earning capacity is limited to a certain amount.

And he will never earn more than this amount.

But no wonder because we are conditioned to think this. When looking for work, we often discuss the market rate for our skills and experience, and it is usually limited to a certain amount.

This thinking is flawed, however, because this thinking limits us.

We are “estimated” from other people’s perceptions of our worth.

Try to put those people aside for a moment. What do you think you are worth?

If you imagine an amount, ask yourself, why that amount? And is this the limit to your earning capacity?

And we all have a limit.

As Napoleon Hill says, if this is what you believe, you will never earn more than that because the Law of Attraction sets a definite limit on the amount you can make, and your subconscious accepts this limitation.

Eventually, you will become caged by this limitation, and because your beliefs are so entrenched, opportunities will stop knocking at your door.

Isn’t that totally depressing? Should it be like that?

Well, no! You can use this in a different way.

See how.

Put in mind a precise and definite description of what you want, including the amount of money you earn.

Then Visualize it every day.

As your subconscious uses this vivid imagery as a blueprint, it begins to convert your thoughts and actions into plans that allow you to achieve your goals.

Because the way you think really controls how you act.

So, start helping yourself by asking for prosperity, not just waiting for it.

Napoleon Hill talks about the development of a habit of savings: an acceptable way to overcome the consciousness of poverty that forms from thinking about lack rather than prosperity and the fear of poverty.

If you constantly think of prosperity rather than poverty and lack of money, it will undoubtedly change your attitude towards the entire flow of financial energy throughout your life – and the reality you live with.

Ultimately the question is, how exactly are you going to do it?

You have to really believe in your ability to attract money and accumulate it (instead of throwing it away and throwing it away).

You have to get to the root of the beliefs you have about yourself and about the money in your life.

And change them so you actually believe you can accumulate wealth (instead of whatever you’re doing with wealth right now).

So the critical question is: When you receive money, do you think about how you are going to spend it OR do you think about how you are going to save it and make it grow?

“Unfortunately most of us are brought up by parents who have no conception of the psychology of addiction, and, without being aware of their fault, most parents lead their children in the development of the habit of spending with excessive indulgence and lack of training in the habit of saving.”— Napoleon’s Hill

Have you ever looked at yourself and wondered what perceptions and outlook you inherited from your parents?