Sleep Manifestation: Yes, It Works!

We all have those moments late at night when our mind won’t stop!

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49+ Manifestation Quotes

Many of us find it difficult to switch off and sleep.

But have you ever noticed that as soon as you go to sleep, your imagination starts to wander in a delightful and dreamy way?

This is a great time to let your thoughts roam as freely as they want.

When we are asleep, our subconscious mind takes over and the negative self-talk that fills our days disappears for a while.

There is a specific sleep technique that works to help you build positive images in your mind.

The kind of life you dream about. We will discuss this technique here, so you can practice and perfect a new way of thinking that will serve you for the rest of your life.

Law of Attraction

Let’s gather a little about how the Law of Attraction works.

Everything in this universe is energy that vibrates on a deeper level.

What we see as objects are really space, but they are vibrating so fast on an atomic level that we see them as solid things.

Our own thoughts and emotions are also vibrating.

So whenever you think about something and keep your focus on it, you attract more thoughts, vibrating in a similar way.

Then you begin to feel the effect of your thought physiologically in the form of emotion.

Depending on whether your attention is on something sought or not, the emotion will be uplifting and exciting! The Law of Attraction works on all types of thinking, positive and negative.

This is why it is so important to be aware of your habitual thoughts.

Before long, synchronicities will begin to occur in your experience, as a result of your continuous thinking.

The intensity of your vibration will bring physical encounters, events or experiences into your life.

As a direct result of your attention to whatever you were focusing on. In other words, the universe matches your vibrational output with experiences that match it vibrationally.

Patterns of Thought

When we settle down at the end of the day to sleep, our mind often unconsciously wanders into a negative thought pattern.

One that we have habitually practiced throughout our lives.

If you want to see change in your life, you will have to become very aware of the way you have been programming your mind to operate.

The only way to get out of the negative thinking trap is to consciously train yourself to think.

Feel and experience things differently.

We have somewhere between 60 and 70,000 thoughts a day.

The vast majority of those thoughts (over 90%) are exactly the same as the thoughts we had the day before.

That is, we are a product of everything we have ever thought about and continue to think.

If we tend to repeat the same thoughts over and over, we also tend to repeat the same experiences over and over again.

Not much can change as long as we are stuck in this kind of repetitive mind trap.

This explains why it is often difficult for us to reprogram the way we think.

With the momentum of the years behind them.

Regular thought patterns in our minds find it much easier to perpetuate what has gone before than to change and start thinking in new ways.

A combination of low self-image and years of programming from cultural and family influences causes us to remain stuck in the “reality” of our negative circumstances.

Everything around us in the world contributes to this vision of life.

From advertisers to Instagram, magazines to product branding, the wider world wants us to live in a reality where we think we need things outside of ourselves to be happy.

This keeps us going around in circles with low self-image that requires us to make comparisons with others and keep buying things we don’t really need.

Positive Thinking

Even with the best intentions for positive thinking, that familiar and well-used part of our mind will pop up and destroy things by making us face reality.

You don’t really think you can succeed at this, do you? But I was never able to sustain a relationship.

How likely is it that you actually think you can earn that much money and afford that house you love?

And the rest. Our thoughts are our own worst enemies.

That average dose of reality that sabotages our chances of manifesting new life.

The good news is that our individual minds are so powerful that with some self-discipline and regular practice, we can begin to reprogram our thoughts differently and create a different reality.

The truth is that in this vibrational universe, we are all connected.

There is no separation between you and the universe.

Whatever you want in your life, it is perfectly attainable.

You have to start thinking in terms of what already exists.

And what you want is not separate.

Then you are connected on a very deep level with everything else.

Sleep technique

The sleep technique helps you design new neural pathways and thought patterns that serve you instead of keeping you stuck in fear.

As we prepare to sleep our mind begins to think of images.

We have a picture of who we perceive ourselves to be.

Accumulate images of all those years of thought built up. Instead of thinking absolutely about yourself, i.e. it’s good to make money.

Either I’m not good at making money, I’m rich or poor or I’ve always been overweight.

Whatever you have as your hardwired image.

Start thinking instead about what kind of person you want to be.

And how does it feel to be that person.

The benefit of thinking like this is that it encourages your imagination to wander into positive scenarios.

Instead of letting those beliefs that have been jumping and remind you of the impossibility of what you want.

As you spend those last minutes of waking time having fun, daydreaming about the kind of person you want to be.

Create a natural excitement and flow of energy towards what you are imagining.

You are not focusing on any specific material thing that appears in your life.

We focus on what it feels like to be this enhanced, enthusiastic and connected version of yourself.

Let your mind wander, imagine yourself walking into that new job, or choosing the paint for the new house, or having a fun, laugh-filled conversation with that perfect partner.

Feel how you wake up feeling happy, alive, eager, and ready for what the day will bring.

More About the Sleep Method

When you spend those moments before sleep in an emotional and highly vibrating state, you have access to the subconscious.

Then he sends her the message that this is indeed who you are.

The fact is that you are already that person; everything you want is already inside you.

Any image you form in your mind’s eye of yourself is already you.

Instead of thinking about striving to achieve things, realize that it’s about removing blocks.

You have absolute control over your mind and your self-image.

The only thing standing in your way are the repeated thought patterns that you have perpetuated.

All it takes is a dedicated effort to start thinking just one thought differently and then another and another.

And before you know it, according to the Law of Attraction, you will only attract positive thoughts about yourself.

And create a new version of yourself and your life.

When you go to sleep each night you have a new chance to add beautiful and positive images to your subconscious mind.

Take that opportunity to create a new self-image and an uplifting thought pattern.

Then from that it then reflects back to you the wonders of your own imagination.

There are no limits in this infinite universe of connection.

Will you be trying a sleep manifestation?