Sound Healing: Can It Guide You to the Life You Desire?

Sound healing has become a household word as more and more people are trying it and experiencing its benefits.

Not to mention, the number of celebrities who swear by the wonderful healing effects of sound.

Sound is believed to help physical, emotional and mental states.

Sound healing has been used for many centuries as therapy. It goes back to ancient Greece.
Sound healing from the Greek “Art of the Muses”.

They are the gods who inspired the literature, art, and knowledge of mankind.

Music is a part of us — it has never been discovered. It is innate.

We use it to express, to celebrate, to entertain, etc.

And we use it to manifest. But before we discuss that, let’s talk about sound healing first.

As mentioned, the use of sound for healing goes back to ancient Greece.

Since then, many philosophers like Plato have used it as it affects their emotions and souls.

Today, we use sounds in spiritual growth and medicine.

Sound healing is considered an alternative to modern medicine and certain pieces of evidence suggest that the use of sound for healing is necessary and effective for one’s emotional and mental health.

Sound healing is a process in which music is used to improve an individual’s health.

It helps to improve various aspects of life, such as mental, social, emotional and cognitive development.

The process is very versatile – individuals using sound healing can simply listen or sing along.

They can even play musical instruments while doing it.

How Sounds Heal

Sounds create waves in the physical realm.

When the waves reach our ears, they turn into energy that reaches our brain and thus triggers a response in us.

As the waves travel through our bodies, they trigger the release of hormones and change our emotions.

Just listening to music boosts dopamine in our brains.

Dopamine brings feelings of satisfaction and pleasure.

The sound waves also release oxytocin, which is a natural pain reliever.

A tool in sound healing

There are various sound tools and instruments that are used in sound healing.

These tools create vibrations at different frequencies, and interact differently with our energy field.

Some tools can resonate through our chakras while others can influence our aura.

Here are some of the tools for sound healing:

  1. Singing bowls – it is often used by striking a mallet or moving the mallet around the rim of the bowl to create vibrations.
  2. Crystal singing bowls – this is made of a quartz crystal that produces vibrations that help align individuals with one chakra for specific energy balance. It is used through striking or singing.
  3. Gongs – a popular sound healing instrument, the vibration they create helps break up stuck energy for better flow.

These are just some of the most common tools used in sound healing.

Now, let’s move on to how you can use the sounds and their tools to help in your manifestation process.

Sound and Manifestation

As you can see, sound is very powerful in our life.

Therefore, it becomes a powerful “tool” in manifestation.

It can strengthen our intentions as sounds can lift us up and take us to higher vibrations.

The secret when manifesting with sound is to set clear intentions and simply be in resonance with what you want to achieve.

Therefore, before doing this, you must be very clear about what you want to manifest in your life.

Manifesto With Sounds

Imagine this, each frequency affects your body:

  1. 396 HZ – this frequency is used if you want to manifest an end to pain in your life. Or if you simply want to be happy!
    417 HZ – if you want to manifest changes in your life, this frequency helps to get rid of traumatic experiences and induce change.
  2. 528 HZ – this is the natural frequency of the earth at which nature vibrates to repair DNA.
  3. 638 HZ – this is used if you want to manifest a better version of yourself to a person. It also helps to promote empathy and release anger.
  4. 741 HZ – if you want to manifest creativity in your life, this is the right frequency for you. It will help to develop your power of self-expression and creativity.
  5. 852 HZ – this is for people who wish to manifest a stronger spiritual state.
  6. 963 HZ – this is known to be the frequency of God. It will empower your inner child that will bring hope and laughter into your life.

Manifesting with sounds is simply like entering a state of meditation. The difference here is, you’ll amplify your intentions using sound healing tools.

Here is a step-by-step guide to manifesting using sounds:

  • Prepare your sound healing tools.
  • Find a quiet place. Sit, be still, and align yourself.
  • Hold your intentions while playing your sound healing tool.
  • When you reach that relaxed state, let your heart expand, and slowly imagine what you want to bring into your life.
  • Feel the qualities that resonate with your desires. Let yourself build the emotions and qualities of your heart.
  • Be in a state of gratitude. You can play or sing with gratitude to strengthen your gratitude for receiving what you want.

I strongly suggest you make this a habit.

You can perform this manifestation process every morning or before bed – whichever is convenient for you.

Making this part of your daily life brings you closer to your desires.

At the same time, it also relaxes you every day.

When sound is used properly, it can change your life and change the frequencies on which you operate.

This creates a better life for you and changes you into a better person.

May everything you want in life come to you!

Are you ready to use sound healing to guide you to the life you desire?