What Does it Truly Mean to Live a Life for Yourself?

Dear one…

I want you to relax your mind and focus on this one question I have for you. are you done

Are you living your life for yourself?

You may already have an answer in mind.

But let me elaborate first why I asked this.

Nowadays, we have become so busy with work, with the acquisition of material things.

Some of us lack sleep, some are overworked. But at the end of the day, who are you doing all this for?

If you’re doing it for your loved ones, that’s great.

But how about for yourself? Do you think you are doing all these things because you need to?

If you don’t have a clear answer, maybe they can give you an idea.

Could it be due to media influence (we all know how social media plays a big role in our daily life), family pressure, or how about societal conditions?

Maybe you have created a perfect world in your head and you just want to turn it into reality.

But is it really what you want?

What if you could turn anything you want into reality – without the pressure and influence of the media? Don’t you want to choose that life?

Because you can. You have the power.

What Does It Mean To Live Life For Yourself?

The life you have now is the only one you have.

And making the most of it is one of the greatest pleasures you can have.

Living life for yourself means choosing your own happiness.

It doesn’t mean you can run over others just to get there.

It just means that you no longer care about the external factors that may affect your decision.

Living for yourself is not all about rainbows and happy endings.

It’s about courage, acceptance, vulnerability, and happiness.

You will be true to yourself. You will live your most authentic life.

How to Live the Life You Want

1. Create a Life Vision

This is what you want to turn into reality.

What do you want to have? What do you want to achieve?

List them all on a piece of paper and let it guide you to achieve it.

You can use this list to go to them all. Nothing and no one can stop you.

2. Leave the Mask

We all have a mask that we show others.

And this leads us to hide our emotions.

But… what if you let it all go?

Having a mask gets used to the lie (well, maybe just a white lie) that you have created.

You are okay with this, you are okay with that.

But if you let it go, you begin to live true to your most authentic self.

The question is…are you ready and willing?

3. Choose and Love yourself First

When you choose yourself first, all your decisions flow easily.

You will become happier and your life will be easier.

Loving yourself means focusing on self-care and allowing yourself to become true to who you are.

Be brave, be fiery – turn on your light and don’t be afraid to choose yourself every day.

What do you think, are you living your life for yourself?