Step into Success with the Capricorn Super Full Moon (And a Special Crystal Ritual)

Big, bright and beautiful Super Full Moon Capricorn vibes are already in the air!

On July 13th, we have the Full Moon which falls in the sign of the Sea-Goat Capricorn.

This Full Moon comes as a powerful portal of self-discovery and a chance to clear away anything that stands in the way of your success!

It brings an intense awareness of what you need to do to create the best version of yourself, particularly thinking about the next six months.

What is the Moon Cycle?

You can think of the entire moon cycle each month as a spiritual tool to help you in your healing and evolution.

New Moons start the cycle, and Full Moons are the middle.

Every time we have a Full Moon we have the chance to consider what we want to release in order to manifest our visions and create our dreams.

At each New Moon, we can set intentions and think about what we want to create for our lives.

At each Full Moon, we integrate that version of ourselves, and show how we embodied it to the world!

Full Moons are also a time to step fully into who we are becoming without fear of criticism or judgment.

Every time there is a Full Moon you can ask yourself what it is that you personally need to balance, absorb and incorporate.

Once you know what that is, you can release what doesn’t serve that path and what holds you back from reaching your highest potential.

Full Moons can often be emotionally intense, but ultimately they are essential for you to embrace your highest potential, and step into a new way of being, feeling, and sharing your gifts with the world.

What is the Super Capricorn Full Moon?

This particular Full Moon brings some heavy energy with it, but also the potential for healing, growth and success.

Some of the key points to consider for this full moon for all zodiac signs are:

  • Have your actions – where are you not following your plans, goals and dreams?
  • Where do you have to accept that some things just don’t work? It is good to let go or change some ideas you had a few months ago. You don’t have to hold on to your old dreams if new and better dreams have come to take their place!
  • You may need to confront what is not working and take responsibility for anything that happened differently than you expected. Facing challenges can empower you more if you are not afraid to admit where you may have made a mistake.
  • Be aware of your communication and always speak from the heart. There may be difficult conversations that arise this week and you will need to be grounded, practical, and mature as possible to navigate them. Capricorn energy will help support this!
  • Don’t neglect to be aware of your self-talk as well. The way you talk to yourself on a daily basis has huge ramifications in your life. Try to make your inner talk positive, hopeful, and compassionate. Notice where you sabotage yourself and make an effort to change the words you use.
  • Create practices that help you heal and move forward towards your dreams – anything you can add to your routines such as meditation, an evening bath, journaling, or yoga will be of great help to you during this time.
  • Remember! The Sea Goat Capricorn is a hard working sign. This Full Moon will reveal where you need to push yourself to tap into the vein of abundance and finally achieve the success you dream of in all areas of your life.

This Moon energy encourages you to take any radical steps towards the life you want to lead, starting with owning your mistakes!

Take responsibility and be accountable for everything you do and you will leap forward into a brand new self-empowering vibration.

What can you do to embrace the energies?

This is a simple ritual you can do with a crystal around the time of the Full Moon to attract self-empowerment and success.

Choose your favorite crystal and hold it in your hand.

Sit where you are comfortable in a quiet space.

Think of something you want to get rid of that is holding you back from the success you desire.

These could be things you need to take responsibility for, procrastination, self-doubt, lack of self-esteem, or anything that comes to mind that you know you need to release.

Write those things on a piece of paper.

On another piece of paper write the things you want to replace those qualities instead.

These can be things like confidence, courage, the ability to make progress every day, self-belief, etc.

Now ask the crystal in your hand to help you release those qualities you no longer want in your life, and instead help you embrace the new qualities you prefer.

Try to feel the energy of the crystal infuse yourself with the courage and belief to follow your dreams.

Finally, repeat the following affirmation out loud.

“I’m ready to live my highest purpose and take responsibility for my life so I can make my dreams come true”

Now go forth and live your highest potential with courage!