How Cosmic Changes Affect us on all Levels

Have you ever wondered why we are affected by the planets and stars?

How can we feel the effects of the cosmos on a spiritual, emotional, and physical level?

I believe it is because we are all connected to the cosmos.

The Universe itself is within us all. We can think of ourselves as individual human expressions of the Universe.

So of course, any galactic shift and shift will be deeply felt on Earth and also within us.

You understand how the Moon affects the ocean tides, so why aren’t we humans (our physical bodies made up of almost 80% water) affected too?!

It makes perfect sense.

Astrology teaches us that when we are born, the positions of the planets have distinct effects on us, creating different temperaments and tendencies.

Planetary movements and their transits in the sky play a big role in the zodiac signs and create meaning for us.

Different planets can activate us on a physical level, affecting our energy and our behavior.

Of course, we are totally responsible for our own lives and no planetary movement can override our own choices in life.

However, it is undeniable that the knowledge of what kind of energy is being transmitted in the cosmos can be very beneficial for us, it guides us, and helps us to become aware of how we can be affected according to the cosmic movements.

Retrograde Planets

When we have many retrograde planets we can feel low on energy as we are encouraged to retrace our steps and look to the past in order to move forward.

The frequency can be slower, causing us to feel lethargic or stagnant.

Perhaps we find it more difficult to find inspiration and motivation and feel more inclined to rest and sleep.

Digestive issues can occur when the planets are retrograde, and symptoms such as bloating and constipation can emerge.

New cycles, Solar or Lunar eclipses, New or Full Moons

During the cosmic periods above, we will feel a higher frequency energy radiating over us.

These are periods of higher energy and faster moving where we will experience a greater sense of intuition and connection with our psychic abilities.

Third eye activations and awareness are common during these times.

We can feel a surge of positive energy, feelings of release, and inspiration, but that same energy can also leave us vulnerable to sensitivity and anxiety, restlessness, and insomnia.

On a physical level, we may be more susceptible to catching a cold or virus, and we may experience dizziness.

Autumn Equinox and Winter Solstice

These are times of inner energy when we feel compelled to withdraw and reflect.

This can happen if we are ending an old cycle in our lives or embarking on a major change that requires our introspection.

We can also feel a physical healing process taking place at this time as well.

This is because when our energy is focused inward, physical symptoms are often brought to the surface for clearing.

Spring Equinox and Summer Solstice

These are times of outward energy when we will feel magnetized towards radiating our energy outward and opening ourselves to opportunities.

It is common during a new cycle or change in our lives when we feel ready to focus our attention on action and movement.

This energy can be inspiring and give us new ideas and feelings of motivation and excitement.

Of course, all of this is always subjective to your personal healing journey and your astrology.

Cosmic Journal

The best way to understand how you are personally affected by the Cosmos is to keep a journal where you can track any patterns that seem to occur in you and your health in relation to anything that happens in the Cosmos.

Remember – anything you experience on a physical level is an indication of an emotional or mental change that needs to happen.

You can always assess your symptoms and think about them from an energetic point of view.

Everything that is happening in the cosmos around us will reveal to you where in your life you need to take steps to heal and change.

Eclipses, for example, are always times of great changes and shifts.

You can experience this on a physical level in the form of a headache, which indicates the need to focus your energy on your true desires.

Or, if you have a lot of sore throat or dryness it may indicate a need to heal your throat chakra, and speak to express yourself clearly and without holding back.

If you are having digestive problems, you may want to look at what in your life you can literally no longer “stomach.”

If you are feeling lethargic and unmotivated, it may be an indication that it is time to think about where you are unhappy and lacking in your life.

There are always things you can do to help yourself through any period of difficulty.

Rituals, healing remedies, and self-care practices should be a regular part of your life.

Learn how to manage your energy through different cosmic shifts, and feel a sense of ease and flow as you co-create with the Universe.