Step into your Power with the New Moon in Leo

This week you can ride the creative energy of the New Moon in Leo and create some big intentions going forward.
On August 18, at 26 degrees, the New Moon means a chance to work on yourself, and expand your inner growth as well as set some strong goals.

Even though the new moon is happening on August 18-19, you can use the Leo New Moon energy to your advantage between August 18-28, so don’t worry if you missed it , there is still time to set some intentions and perhaps perform a new moon ritual or meditation.

The new moon is usually a time to set goals, intentions, and plant the seeds for what you want to manifest in the coming month. The only difference this month with the New Moon in confident and self-assured Leo is that you may also feel inclined to analyze how that Leo energy manifests in your life and may be tempted to criticize yourself ( with a negative focus on your confidence levels, self-presentation and perception).

Be aware of this and instead of drowning in self-doubt and self-consciousness, turn your focus to where you want to raise your frequency by tapping into your true purpose.

If you know where Leo falls in your chart, it is helpful to understand that this area of ​​your life is where you are called to shine. If you can, set goals and intentions for this stressed area of ​​your life, but if you don’t know about your birth chart, it doesn’t matter, Lunar energies are about setting goals on things that mean the most to you, something that only you can truly know and understand.

2020 has been a tough year, we all know it and we are all a bit scared about what the last months of the year will bring.
Don’t let uncertainty and fear feed you feelings of self-doubt. This year brought back but also the opportunity for growth and change. How can you work to maximize the last third of this year?

See this lunar phase as the perfect opportunity for you to improve yourself, and step fully and boldly into your power.
This Leo moon is about being brave and bold with your intentions, setting strong goals, and committing to the kind of life-changing growth you’ve always dreamed of.

Take advantage of this New Moon to do the necessary work for you and your life. It is not enough to hope that things will change, you must be able to do the necessary work.

Sometimes this means becoming temporarily uncomfortable in order to shed the old you and move towards a new truth.
During this week, shine a light on your inner child and be comfortable sitting with whatever arises. Our inner children are always crying out for our attention, if you do the work you will release years of built up tension and self-sabotage.

Shining a light on your inner child means tuning into your emotions, really feeling them and understanding your shadow side. It becomes because you are triggered by certain things and learn to be aware of them.

Leo can make many of us feel insecure, as his strong confident energies illuminate where he may be lacking in self-esteem. Instead of feeling bad and blaming yourself or thinking about past mistakes or misperceptions, think about how you tend to react to others you may feel envious of. What kind of things make you feel insecure?

Ask yourself how you can stay in your power this week? Use this new moon to be authentically you, and know and own your power with every fiber of your being.

Try this Leo New Moon Meditation and Ritual

Step into your Power with the New Moon in Leo

  • Find a quiet place and light a candle. You can clean the space beforehand with sag or palo santo.
  • Recite something like:
    “I release everything that binds me. Clear this space of negative energies. I am restored, whole and strong. I welcome in new energies of peace, positivity and power.”
  • Close your eyes and imagine a flame in front of you, bright and powerful. This flame is burning your inner critic and false beliefs. Your insecurities and doubts. Let this flame burn away that negative and unnecessary energy and let it go.
  • Sit still with the knowledge that you know your true power. You are a wonderful loving person.
  • When you open your eyes from this meditation, write down three goals or intentions you have for the coming weeks. Unleash your creativity, you can use paints, pencils, colors whatever you like. A big dream. Let your creativity and your intention soar.
    Draw your intentions or write down specific words, get really strong and clear about what they are and how they feel.
  • When you are done, fold the paper and keep them somewhere safe until the next full moon.
    You can recite something like this:
    “With this new moon, I magnetize these intentions to me. I ask for guidance from the Universe to manifest these intentions in my life, and for support in knowing what step to take next. I understand that everything is as it should be and will unfold in perfect time and for my highest good and the good of all. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”

Happy Leo New Moon!