Why August Is Associated With Relaxation

Did you know that August is associated with relaxation? In fact, the 15th of August became the National Day of Relaxation. It is a day that encourages everyone to slow down and unwind. With so many things going on, you may find it challenging to simply unwind and relax. But hey, relaxation is essential, which is why you need to set aside time for it.

The Story Of “Relax” August

In the Roman world, August was always known as the month of rest. This is because it is the month that follows the work in the fields in spring and summer. To honor this, a festival is celebrated in honor of the harvest and the fertility of the fields in mid-August (therefore there is a mid-August relaxation held on the 15th).

The emperor Augustus also takes his name from the month and he was also the one who gave meaning to August 15. In 18 BC, he introduced the Augustales, who established August as the month dedicated to festivals. The month also had many festivals.

Now, August was known as National Relaxation Month! So, here are ways to help you relax amidst the crisis we are in right now:

You Shouldn’t Make Major Life Changes

Now is not the time to make important changes in your life. It’s already stressful as it is, so don’t add to it. Now, all you have to do is live and move on. Everything will pass and until it does, postpone any major life changes. If you are already feeling stressed or anxious, it is even better to avoid significant events as much as possible.

Do the Things You Love

With so many things happening animist of us are locked inside our homes, take this moment to spend more time doing things you love. This is an excellent way to ease your worries. It doesn’t have to be extravagant, it can be as simple as listening to music, reading books, gardening, connecting with family and friends online, etc. If you are gifted with “artist” hands, create something from scratch maybe, learn a new craft. Just do things that make you happy at least once a day.

Take Control Of Your Work

Most of us are still working despite the lockdown. In fact, work has become even more stressful for many of us these days. However, it is vital to maintain an excellent work-life balance, especially now that you are working from home. If work is stressing you out, plan ways to reduce stress. Perhaps, you can take more breaks than usual or say no to additional work responsibilities in order to have more time for yourself and your family.

Work Out

I can’t stress this enough, but now is the perfect time to make him move. Even if you don’t feel like it, push yourself to do it. There are many benefits that you can get from working out. You may not see it at first, but work is a form of relaxation. It helps relieve stress and tension in your body and makes you feel happier afterwards. So, this month, try to squeeze more workouts into the week. After all, it can help strengthen your immune system, too!

Take this month to find more time to relax and simply enjoy your alone time. It is more important than ever.