The Astrology of the Last Full Moon of 2022

Welcome to the last Full Moon of the year 2022!

It will be shining in the sign of Gemini on December 7-8, bringing some pretty intense volatility due to the energetically strong presence of Mars, (joining the moon and traveling retrograde).

Remember the intensity of the Blood Moon Eclipse in November?

Also, this Gemini Full Moon won’t be as fiery, but it can still stir or remind you of whatever issue you were working on at the time.

That’s never something to be anxious about, however.

Simply becoming aware of the cosmic changes around us can help us navigate any challenges that may arise.

Mars Retrograde

Mars retrograde energy can bring sadness, frustrations, arguments and disagreements.

It’s the kind of energy that can make you feel charged and ready to fight.

You may have to be triggered by conversations, relationships or even wider issues going on in the world.

The most important thing to remember is to bring yourself back to balance, always allowing healthy outlets for your emotions.

It’s important to get things off your chest so you can release any frustration or anger and not let them stagnate in your energetic field.

Don’t be afraid to express yourself, and do so without apology.

As long as you are not hurting anyone, there is no reason to worry about releasing your emotions in a healthy way.

Anger doesn’t have to be toxic, it can be the strongest human emotion you feel at the right time.

Often, the release of anger is just what we need to be able to see where to go next.

Mars also represents action, motivation and getting things done.

When the red planet is going through its retrograde movement, we can be more confused about what is motivating us, we can start to question our direction in life and maybe reflect on where we are putting our energy every day.

Take Positive Action

One of the best things we can do to harness all this Mars energy is to take stock of where we are directing our focus and attention and decide if it is a productive use of our time or not.

As the wonderful Bruce Lee said, “Not the daily increase but the daily decrease. Cut the non-essential.”

This means that you focus on your priorities, and don’t let your time be wasted on things that don’t improve your life and bring you closer to your dreams.

Use all this fiery energy as fuel to reignite your passion and excitement for life.

Make the decision to redirect your attention where it needs to flow for your most aligned life to manifest.

Mars can bring some erratic and confrontational energy BUT the upside of this is that you can also use it to get super passionate about your life again!

Make a decision to only look for the things that make you feel happy and fulfilled, and let your life become a message of inspiration to others through your happiness.


The sign of the twins, Gemini rules ideas, the mind, communication, and making plans.

With the Full Moon in this sign, we can say hello to new bursts of creativity and fresh and imaginative ideas.

We can find clarity about our plans, ideas and focus on the ones we most want to see come to fruition!

This Full Moon can give you the right push to express what you really mean, and communicate the ideas that matter most to you with authenticity.

Finally, use this time wisely to release what no longer serves you and prepare yourself for the coming new year with a fresh slate.

Full Moon Practices

Release the Old

Write a list of everything you want to release.

Thought patterns, behaviors, limiting beliefs, bad habits, addictions, repetitive ways of living, relationships – the lot!

Write them down and either burn that list (safely) or go outside somewhere in nature, where you can be alone and undisturbed and recite them out loud.

As you express anything you want to let go of, imagine being released to the wind and the elements, and being carried away from your experience.

Take a bath

Visualize the new actions you will take instead as you soak in an epsom salt bath (add candles, and essential oils!).

Journal Prompts

Use these prompts to focus on what’s next for you emotionally, and how you can best improve your outlook.

What has been shown recently that makes me believe in the abundance of the Universe?

What challenges and obstacles have taught me meaningful life lessons?

What areas of my life can I still improve to become the best me?

Finally, use these affirmations to tune into the energy being offered at this time of the Full Moon, and strengthen your individual vibration.

I release what is no longer good for me.

I welcome new ways of seeing and being.

I accept that I am constantly learning and growing.

I surrender to the divine plan.

I let life flow freely through me.

I choose to learn with love instead of pain.

I allow myself to align with the frequency of abundance.