The Cosmic Energies of the June Solstice and the Super Full Moon in Capricorn

The week of June 21-27 has two powerful celestial events to take note of.

Firstly, we have the June Solstice — a time when, depending on which hemisphere of the world you live in, it is either the shortest or the longest day of the year — the beginning of Summer or Winter.

Three days later, we have it a Capricorn Super Full Moon on June 24th.

These two events make this week absolutely packed with intense astrology and powerful energies that encourage us to take stock of our lives, surrender to our highest selves, and adjust to a higher vibration.

Let’s dive into the details and see how you can navigate the week and make the most of this beautiful Solstice and Full Moon energies.

The Solstice of June 21st marks six months since the Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn on December 21st. It is an important point along our journey to a higher frequency planet.

The Summer Solstice here in the northern hemisphere has always been considered a time where there is healing magic in the air.

The veil between the worlds is thin and we can all connect with the natural energies of the planet and feel a particularly special connection with Mother Nature.

The frequencies of harmony and peace are easily accessible on this day and it is an ideal time to be in nature, outside in the sunlight, enjoying the beauty of the planet.

In Pagan times, the solstice was celebrated through rituals to honor the Sun gods. People are outside, bathing in the warm light and paying homage to the divine.

You can easily channel those ancient rituals today and call forth prosperity, vitality, abundance and health in the following ways:

• Yoga sun salutation (outside for extra magic!).

• Create a nature altar in your home with red, orange and yellow flowers, plants or herbs.

• Set an intention with crystals like citrine to connect with the energies of the sun.

• Do a chakra meditation (focusing on the root, sacral and solar plexus chakras).

• Lie on the grass and feel yourself connecting and at one with the Earth, aligning with the energy of the planet, and drinking it from the earth.

Setting an intention at this time is a wonderful way to mark the halfway point of 2021 and to set your vision forward for the rest of the year.

Welcome the energies of love, compassion, spiritual awareness, abundance and let them wash over you and yourselves with hope and positivity.

This is a great day to really spend time with yourself, honor your achievements so far, and feel peaceful and loved.

Shortly after the Solstice, we have a Super bright Full Moon in Capricorn that shines some strong energies that can pull us in and make us feel a little off balance temporarily.

Fortunately, an earthy Capricorn always comes with a large dose of groundedness and stability as well.

Whenever we have a Full Moon, particularly a Super Full Moon, the focus is on catharsis and release.

The emotions are intense and we can feel a sense of surrender and cleansing as the strong Moon energy acts like a magnet, pulling things outside of us into the light.

Sometimes this means revealing things to us that we didn’t know or didn’t want to look at.

After the intense eclipses we experienced recently, the energy may make you feel that you need to change direction, perhaps a major reassessment of your grand vision of life is in order.

Things to consider:

• What regrets are you holding onto?

• How can you release those emotions and enter a state of forgiveness, for yourself and others?

• How can you focus purely on the things you actually want to magnetize in your reality?

The energy around this Capricorn Full Moon is telling us that even when we can’t see a direct path ahead.

Or maybe our life seems scattered, we should have faith that the road ahead will become clear in time.

We simply need to trust in divine timing and take the appropriate actions in our lives to increase our energetic frequency and focus on the positive.

This Super Full Moon energy can feel a little dizzying. We may need extra grounding and healing.

• Take the time to look after your diet, make sure you are getting enough whole foods from the world in the form of vegetables and fresh fruit, juices and smoothies.

• Meditate every day if you can and make sure you are getting enough sleep.

• Do something that truly feeds your soul and makes you feel uplifted, empowered, and happy.

I repeat these tips a lot simply because they are so vital to your energetic vibration!

When you take care of your physical body, it makes any energetic work and healing much easier to assimilate.

Full Moon Ritual Mines

You will need:

• A piece of paper and a pen.

• Candle / crystals of your choice.

• A safe place to burn your paper (sink or bowl).

Sit with your crystals and light your candle.

Take a breath and center yourself here, in the present moment.

Write on a piece of paper the things you wish to let go of and surrender to the light of the Super Full Moon.

These can be anything from regrets, negative habits, outdated beliefs, old thought processes, friendships that no longer bring you joy or destructive tendencies.

Write down everything that comes to mind. Then burn that piece of paper safely while reciting the following mantra:

I release everything that wants to go from my life, I release regret, pain and suffering. I will not give in to fear or lower vibrations. Instead, I allow all these things to be transmuted into light in the powerful energy of the moon.

Now I am released and free, and I welcome the light guidance of the Universe to show me the way forward.

I trust in divine timing; I am open, ready, and full of gratitude. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Enjoy this week of divine energies, and know that you are always fully supported and loved by this benevolent Universe.