Wellness and Healing in Cancer Season June 2021

21 June – 23 July it sees us entering the watery zodiac season of Cancer, ruled by the Moon.

The first day is the Summer Solstice, which we will discuss in another post soon! These are the perfect days for meditation and setting clear intentions for your future.

Those born under this sign are sensitive, intuitive, empathetic, highly compassionate, and caring.

Typical Cancerians love to spend time with their friends and family and are at their best at home in a nurturing environment.

They can appear sensitive and somewhat mysterious and have a real depth of emotions.

With the Moon as the ruler of Cancer, all this emotional energy of dreams is enhanced as the Moon is typically linked to emotions and instincts, feminine energy, and psychic dreams.

You can harness these energies and learn to flow freely and effortlessly – like water, connect with your sensitive and intuitive side and learn to trust your gut.

The gut, in fact, is vital during this season as the energy of Cancer governs digestive health and heart health.

Most of us (not just those born under this sign) we tend to hold back our emotions, repressing them in silence.

Emotions that are not released always find a place in the body to reside, and this can cause stomach upset and more complicated issues in the area.

A great tip at any time of the year is to allow your feelings and emotions to be felt and lost.

Try not to store any anger and sadness. Allow yourself to cry when the tears come.

It’s a wonderful feeling to release pent-up emotions, and it’s healthy for your body and soul.

Let these negative feelings and emotions serve as lessons, and then let them go, release them from your body.

You can use writing as a wonderful release and way to get to know your deepest thoughts.

Writing down your emotions and concerns can also help you recognize them, which will allow you to let them go more easily.

Since Cancer is ruled by the element of water, this is also a reminder to keep well hydrated. I find that usually means drinking more than you think is the right amount!

Water is life and it is also healing and helpful for the digestive system if you have any issues in those areas. It keeps you full of strong energy, clears your skin, and promotes mental clarity.

Fitness Tips

Pilates it is a great choice during Cancer season as it focuses on the main commitment. Any yoga or fusion barre will also be beneficial for expending energy and toning in a smooth and fluid way (like the energy of the water element).

Energize your life with these Cancer Season Crystals

The energy of the Moon is strong during Cancer Season, as well as the Divine Feminine, so we have selected some crystals that will help you connect and use this energy.

Rhodochrosite – This stone helps us express our true emotions in a loving way. It is a very healing crystal, bringing unconditional love and joy into our lives.

Rainbow Moonstone – A very spiritual stone ideal for initiating psychic gifts and enhancing intuition. It protects the aura from unwanted negative energies and vibrates with strong feminine, goddess energy.

Rose Quartz – This beautiful pink crystal is a stone of pure love. It helps to awaken the heart chakra and vibrates with Cancerian energy very nurturing, compassionate love.

Amethyst – The energies of this stone will help with any physical issues in your immune system, heart, liver and circulatory system.

Red Jasper – A great stone for grounding and balancing your energy as well as encouraging and inspiring positivity.

Essential oils for cancer season

Mix your own oils with a carrier oil and use in a spray or diffuser to instantly calm, energize or refresh your body, mind and home.

Some of the best oils for healing and balancing are Rosemary, Grapefruit, Chamomile and Lavender.

  • Rosemary: detoxes the lymphatic system.
  • Grapefruit: can help with digestion and water retention.
  • Chamomile: Relieves and calms especially at night.
  • Lavender: tranquil and relaxing, good for the nervous system.

Cancer season is a season of many emotions, so anything you can to connect, practice self-care, and be as attuned and connected to your inner self as possible will help you navigate these energies with ease.

Try to include the following practices in the coming weeks:

  • A regular journal
  • Quiet reflection, or reading a book or meditating
  • Being in the water, or the ocean or a bath
  • Check with your breath, are you letting your belly fill with air and release? Try to breathe as deeply as possible to bring peace and calm
  • Land outside in nature, from trees, flowers and plants
  • Drink plenty of sweet water and green juice or fruit smoothies

Incorporating these small actions will help you feel energized and clear as you navigate the cosmic energies of summer.

Your health, be it physical, mental or emotional should be your priority.

When you experience vibrant health you are much more able to create a life of abundance and happiness going forward.