The December New Moon is Here for these 4 Zodiac Signs

2023 is just around the corner and it is our hope that it will bring more good than bad for everyone.

Whether things turned out as planned in 2022 or went unexpectedly wrong, we could all use a dose of luck heading into next year.

It may be hard to find but it’s never too late to trust in something bigger than ourselves and cross our fingers for blessings for ourselves and those we care about.

Let’s make 2022 the year of good surprises and wonderful results!

Today is a day to embrace the beginning of something new as we mark the beginning of the December new moon.

This Lunar phase is beautiful in more ways than one and the symbolism is linked to this occasion as well; it’s a chance to hope for potential, prepare for a brighter future, and most importantly, focus on goal setting.

This is a great opportunity to give yourself some self-love, reflect on recent events and come up with achievable goals that will help you move into 2023 with tons of positivity!

Each month, the appearance of a new moon signals the start of a new lunar cycle and often serves as an impetus for reflection and renewal.

This is especially true in Astrology, where the new moon indicates a good time to manifest intentions and put energy into motion, aligning your life with the natural phases of the moon.

In this particular New Moon, there are four zodiac signs that will experience positive changes in their lives.

Find out if your zodiac sign is included by reading.


This new moon is here to bring some much needed inspiration and positivity into your life!

Now is the perfect time to make a list of all the places you’ve been longing to visit—those faraway countries, beaches, cities and monuments.

Take advantage of this time to open yourself to the possibility of new experiences that can take your career to the next level or give you valuable insight into something close to your heart.

Start exploring what travel has in store for you and the energy this lunar cycle has given you.

Who knows? It may just be the beginning of an adventure that will bring you a lot of joy!


his energetic new moon encourages you to gather all those travel bucket list items you’ve been itching to do and make a plan.

Whether it’s an international trip or an interesting day trip – near or far – these experiences can push your personal boundaries, give you valuable insight into different cultures, and provide a refreshing break.

New experiences have always had the power to open our eyes to something we might never have noticed otherwise.

So don’t forget that planning for and embarking on even the most mundane trips will help you move forward in life. Who knows?

Maybe one of your adventures will lead to the opportunity of a lifetime – so take a leap and go!


With this current lunation, it’s the perfect time to take a step back and assess how far you’ve come.

Try to take an objective look at your life and notice the difference between how you were feeling then compared to now.

Doing this can help both motivate and remind you where you want to go as life moves forward.

From here, you can begin to form strategies on how to adjust for further progress in areas that need a boost, as well as celebrate the successes that have already occurred.

If fear or anxiety arises, be gentle but firm with yourself.

Take a deep breath and do something relaxing so that emotions don’t get in the way and distract them from this precious opportunity for growth.


Pisces, it’s an ideal time to check in with your needs to make sure they’re being met.

Always rely on your community of family, friends, and support systems for reassurance as you move into the new year, as this is a shared responsibility!

This new moon is also very supportive of forming new friendships – what could be better than investing in relationships with those who celebrate you for who you are?

Be sure to take advantage of this new energy and open yourself up to more meaningful connections moving forward.

Ready for the new moon?