The Energy of the Star of Venus, October 2022

The Star of Venus

Have you ever heard of the Star of Venus or the Rose of Venus?

It is a perfect geometric shape created by the planet Venus every eight years as it passes around the Sun in its orbit.

All the planets in our solar system have their own unique orbital pattern.

Venus creates a beautiful five-pointed star or five-petalled rose as she switches between morning star and evening star.

The transition is marked as Venus aligns with the Sun, known as the Star Point of Venus.

It is a rare astrological event that creates the most stunning sacred geometry, and it is happening on October 22, 2022, but the energy will be felt for some time after.

Since early 2022, Venus has been orbiting as a morning star, but on October 22, 2022 it will align with the Sun and slowly (over a period of 80 days) become an evening star.

When Venus is in the evening sky we experience more feelings of self-love and inner peace. We feel a sense of beauty in our inner worlds.

What’s so special about this October?

What is extra special about this Venus Star Point in October is that it occurs in its dominant sign of Libra.

The last time Venus created a star point in Libra was in the 1970s!

So this is definitely the first time that we on Earth at this time are experiencing this energy.

The Golden Mean

Another super amazing thing about this event is that the Venus Rose or Venus Star creates a pattern that is closely linked to the unfolding ratios found in the Golden Mean as well as the Fibonacci sequence.

It is a harmonious pattern of divine proportions that is found everywhere in nature from the petals of a rose, a spiral of a shell or a galaxy, to hurricanes, and snowflakes.

We see these divine principles in art, design, architecture, and music.

Mozart is even said to have composed some of his Piano Sonatas using this formula.

This “golden” number is what we see during the cycle of Venus.

It is a reminder that there is a sacred order to all things.

The Universe has the code of Life. The orbit of Venus is very much part of this divine force and sacred order.

Even our bodies hold this sacred geometry, just look at Da Vinci and the divine proportions of his Vitruvian Man.

Venus was the Roman Goddess of love, fertility and sex and was symbolized by the rose.

It would imply that perhaps those ancient Romans knew a little more about the interconnectedness of the Universe than we think.

What does the Venus Rose or the Venus Star mean to you?

This perfect geometric shape can serve to remind you that there is a divine order around us.

Harmonious and perfect beauty exists within the Universe, and therefore within you as well. Because we are all part of the Universe.

That divine and sacred order exists within our own bodies by design, and extends to our lives.

The same Universal force that governs everything is within you.

The force behind the rain, and the snow, the flowers that bloom, and the planet rotates also exists within you.

The Venus Star is a wonderful reminder to trust in your innate connection with everything else in the Universe.

To remember whenever you are feeling overwhelmed or anxious, that there is stability and divine order in the greater world, and you can choose to tap into that frequency of divine order, or not.

It is a great opportunity to look at your life and see what is chaotic and not peaceful.

What people, events, or situations are still in your life that bring chaos?

Where do you need to let go of things that only bring fear and anxiety so you can create more of that divine peace?

We are evolving beings who are always in the process of learning and growing.

Transformation is something that happens every day.

But to clear the way forward and move towards your greatest and most aligned vision for your life, you must have people around you who serve that peace and joy.

If you are experiencing chaos and disorder, turn your attention to how you can change this, and instead invite in the stability and innate order of the Universe.

In the wider world, this Venusian energy can also bring us all closer to a more collaborative, cooperative and loving energy.

What to focus on

Relationships will be in the spotlight with all this love-centered Libra/Venus energy.

You may want to think about empowering yourself in your relationship or even walking away if it doesn’t feel right anymore.

The best thing you can do during this time is shine a great light on yourself.

Where can you boost your self worth and confidence?

It’s a great time to do any kind of heart chakra work, tapping your heart space through meditation will be very beneficial right now.

Enjoy this energy of Venus in your life!