The Power of Scripting: Create a Life of Abundance

The power of the script… No, this is not where you write scripts for movies or plays.

This special Law of Attraction technique allows you to create a life that is all according to your plan.

But first, what is scripting?

Scripting it is a writing activity where you describe the life you want to live, the life you want to manifest in reality.

If you want a new job, describe it in detail. What position do you want? What salary do you dream of?

If you want a big, huge house, imagine how many bedrooms you want. Where are the windows? How many cars can park in your garage?

Do you want to manifest your ideal self? Go ahead.

Again, describe him/her in detail. Is he kind, loving, and loyal? What does your life look like with him?

And if you want unlimited abundance, be specific about how much you want in your savings account. Describe what you will do with the money.

For all these, all you will need is a handy notebook and your favorite pen.

So, you can write anywhere and anytime. Especially when you feel inspired and are full of positive emotions.

Here are great steps to start your scripting journey:

1. Practice Gratitude

Before you start writing, take the time to ground yourself and find your center.

Focus on gratitude. Think about all the things you have in your life and appreciate them all.

After this short session, ask yourself: What are the things I am truly grateful for?

2. Write using the Present

When you write, you must write as if you already have what you want to manifest.

So, for example, you want to manifest your dream pay rise. When making the script, you can write:

Today is the first day that I live my life with the increase in wages that I have been dreaming of.

How happy I am. Now, I can do groceries for my family without having to worry about my next payday.

The sun shines on the door of the grocery store; what a beautiful day it is today. I’ll have some eggs, bacon, oh and maybe some fries. Of course, fruit and vegetables are essential.

Thank you, Universe, for making this happen.

When you do the art of writing, describe what your future looks like and use the present tense as much as possible.

3. Include Emotions

Of course, when you are describing the life you want, you want to feel amazing!

You wouldn’t want to manifest with negative emotions lurking around you, would you?

Emotions play a significant role in the Law of Attraction.

This is the basis of your vibration, the frequency you are projecting to the Universe.

So, always keep in mind to have a positive attitude and a grateful heart when making a script.

P.S. Remember that you are a limitless being, and you have the power to create the very life you’ve been dreaming of – a life of abundance.

Try it today with your own printable script journal — attached here!