Venus and Mars Align – a Chance to Balance your Energies

On July 13 Venus and Mars will align in the cosmos, at 19 degrees of Leo.

The two planets meet every two years or so; the last time was in August 2019.

These two conjoining planets represent an awakening of the feminine and masculine energies within us, and we will experience a rebirth of these conjoining energies.

Mars is the Fearless Warrior while Venus is the Goddess of Love.

Venus represents the Sacred Feminine and Mars the Sacred Masculine.

Gender aside, each of us contains both feminine and masculine energies to varying degrees.

If you are a man this does not mean that you have only male energy, and if you are a woman, you do not have only female energy.

As individuals, we each represent and are driven by different combinations of these sacred energies.

In fact, a true balance of the two sacred energies is the ideal state for harmony and wholeness.

This alignment of Venus and Mars creates the ideal energy to find our balance, motivation and creativity.

To connect with the Universe and step into our highest visions for ourselves.

Venus: The Divine Feminine — The Planet of Love, Beauty, Harmony and Money.

This energy is defined by everything intuitive. It is compassion, creativity, abundance, fertility, healing, heart-centered wisdom.

It is the energy of the Moon, waterfalls and oceans, rainbows and rainforests. It is daydreaming and poetry and being open to receive.

It is the person who wanders without a destination, simply to experience life.

Feminine / Venus energy inspires us to be surrounded by beauty and dive deep into our creative wells.

Mars: The Divine Masculine — The Planet of the Fearless Warrior, Action, and Motivation.

This energy is defined by positive action, scheduling, organization, and being decisive. It is the energy of the Sun.

It’s all about rationality, stability, security, and moving forward. She is the person who knows exactly what she wants and how to get it.

Masculine/Mars energy inspires us to be confident and take bold and courageous actions towards our goals.

How Venus and Mars join in the sky, ask yourself how you can use this energy (in the weeks around July 13) to balance your combination of Feminine and Masculine energy?

Do you tend to be a workaholic, addicted to the hustle culture? You may need to bring a little more Venus/Feminine energy into your life.

Do you sometimes procrastinate and have trouble setting goals and achieving them? You may want to tap into some of this Mars/Masculine energy.

Knowing where your energies tend to fall and striving for balance is so helpful in all areas of life, from creating healthy relationships to growing your business to understand how to manifest.

You may be an incredibly creative person with wonderful ideas but you have trouble putting them down on paper – you need more male affirmation to achieve your goals.

OR you may be a very driven and confident person who makes all the decisions in your relationship and never takes time to reset, rest and recover — you need more feminine energy rituals or practices to wind down and be present with yourself.

Please remember that this is absolutely not gender specific!

Masculine energy is often very present in women who go hard for their dreams and push themselves to be successful.

Feminine energy is needed by men and women to appreciate the beauty of life and be open to the miracles of the Universe.

Masculine energy may be necessary for you to take the initiative of your dreams, but feminine energy is what gives you faith in the unseen and helps turn your manifestations into reality.

Here are my tips for practices you can use to balance energy:

More Venus / Feminine Energy

  • Time alone in nature
  • Yin-yoga
  • Meditation
  • Be near the water
  • Indulge in some indulgent personal care (massage, reflexology, essential oils)
  • Turn off the technology and go outside
  • Let rest time actually be rest time
  • Be immersed in creativity for the sake of doing
  • Charge and cleanse your crystals under the Moon
  • Don’t make a list! Waste time and be good with it

More Mars / Masculine Energy

  • Schedule your week and get organized
  • Cardio or strength training workouts
  • Set yourself goal-oriented tasks
  • Follow through on commitments yourself
  • Charge crystals under the sun
  • Practice being decisive and assertive

One activity I love that seems to be a perfect balance of both masculine and feminine energies is surfing.

The unpredictability of the ocean and the fluidity of the waves embody a very feminine energy, but the strength, courage and balance required to ride the waves embody a very masculine energy.

What activities do you think harmonize the two energies for you?

Enjoy this time when Venus and Mars meet and practice to find the true balance of your energies.

These two planets coming to meet in Leo also bring a certain adventurous energy and can inspire you to seek new experiences and activities.

This is a perfect chance to balance your energies and align with your partner by doing things you both enjoy.

You can also use this opportunity as an excuse to do something new together.

It will be worth it, I promise.