Total New Moon Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius – December 14th

Welcome to December, the last month of 2020, and it’s filled with some pretty intense and powerful astrology.

We finished November with the Lunar Eclipse in Gemini and from mid-December onwards, we will see some innovative celestial activities.

We are witnessing a rare and monumental alignment of Jupiter and Saturn, also known as the Grand Conjunction. This takes place in the sign of Aquarius on December 21, 2020, and we will discuss this in a separate blog in just a few days – so stay tuned!

For now, let’s focus on the upcoming powerful New Moon Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius — the last New Moon of this year.

The New Moon is usually the ideal time to set intentions and prepare yourself for upcoming manifestations in the coming month, this specific New Moon on December 14th is also a Solar Eclipse – which makes it a little different than usual.

What is a Solar Eclipse?

A solar eclipse occurs when the Moon passes between the Earth and the Sun; or totally or partially obscures the image and light of the Sun for us on Earth.

What is a New Moon?

A New Moon marks the first lunar phase, the beginning of a new lunar cycle.

A New Moon will always be in the same zodiac sign that the sun is traveling through, so a New Moon during the season of Sagittarius will always be in Sagittarius, a New Moon in the season of Virgo will always be in Birgu.

It is a vivid alignment with the energy of growth, possibility, and new opportunities. Therefore, we use a New Moon to set intentions, plant seeds and start new projects and look forward to new goals.

How will this December 14 New Moon Solar Eclipse affect you?

Eclipses form part of an ongoing astrological story, and if you think back to what might have been happening in your life in June 2020 when there was a lunar eclipse in Sagittarius, this will tie in with the lessons being taught. come out for you now.

Think about what you used to do. What experiences have you been having? Where have you been putting your energy and focus during that time and above all, what have you learned since then?

New Moon Intentions and Sagittarius Energy

The fiery, free-spirited energy of Sagittarius is positive, expansive, and full of big ideas and optimism. It is also to see things from a wider perspective.

It awakens the go-getter in all of us. Take this time to focus on your goals and any intentions that will increase your knowledge and expand your horizons.

Where in your life can you take a more expansive view and see your experience of the world differently?
Consider how you have been shaped by 2020. In what ways have the events of this year affected and affected your worldview?
Where can you gain confidence by looking at things from a wider perspective?
Right now, what needs to be released and let go to be able to feel liberated?

This action-oriented energy applies even to those of us restricted by quarantine or lock-down measures. Even if you can’t travel far, you can travel far and wide in your imagination.

Be sure to use this time to loosen yourself up, through movement and by letting go of anything that holds you back or binds you.

In short, energy is about Freedom!

Take time to refine your intentions and nurture your faith, hope and vision for your future. Stay open to new ideas, dreams and visions and receive their wisdom with confidence and certainty.

Plant your seeds for 2021 and keep your vibration high. Whatever you are giving vibration to the Universe this month is of great importance.

Keep your focus on feelings of joy, happiness, peace, gratitude and love so that those emotions are magnified and amplified.
Whatever you are focusing your energy on is expanding, and that is even more true with the power of this Eclipse. So listen to your inner self and keep yourself headed in the direction that speaks to your soul.

Final Advice – Eclipses can evoke chaotic feelings. Make sure to connect with nature as much as possible. Go in, not out. Create coherence in your mind, body and spirit through meditation, breath work, walking barefoot on grass, sand or earth, spending time with animals and staying connected to your center as much as possible. it could be.

When we are deeply connected to nature, we increase our energetic vibration output and resonate only with what is truly important. So any chaotic event or challenges can’t throw us off.