Understanding the Energy of the June Strawberry Moon 2023

The upcoming Full Moon on June 3, 2023 is also known as the Strawberry Moon in North America.

This is because the strawberry harvest reaches its peak at this time.

We remind you that Spring is now blooming and the hot days of Summer are just around the corner.

This Moon is also known as Rose Moon, Honey Moon, Hot Moon, or Planting Moon.

No doubt there are many more names for this moon according to different cultures around the world.

But whatever you choose to call it, there is a sense of high energy and excitement.

A lightness, a playfulness, and joy.

A celebration of abundance and growth, of warm weather and happiness.

This has a lot to do with the fact that the Full Strawberry Moon falls in the impulsive and optimistic sign of Sagittarius – The Archer.

It is also the first Full Moon since the chaos and transformation of the Eclipse season during April and May.

We may find that any issues that were uncovered during the Eclipses are now less prominent, and the intensity has decreased.

This Strawberry Moon brings a lighter energy, perfect for settling into a flow of more effortless ease in our lives.

Whenever the moon is in Sagittarius, we can feel more expansive, rebellious, and independent.

Maybe we feel like looking for new horizons, breaking boundaries and limitations, and following everything that feels like freedom for us.

Sagittarius is an eternal explorer, craving adventure and new possibilities.

You may find yourself feeling creative and restless, with the urge to get out physically, travel to new places, or take excursions.

You need to be sure to keep any call to adventure grounded in reality as well.

You should not do anything too risky at this time, make sure that any spontaneous moves are grounded in reality and any experiences are purposeful and positive.

The energy of Sagittarius is so delightfully optimistic.

We will feel excited about our path forward, full of motivation and desire to reach new opportunities and experiences.

Sagittarius is a truth seeker.

The energy of this sign is all about expansion and action. He wants us to set goals to work towards and stop proclaiming when we feel afraid to move forward.

If you’ve been feeling stuck or held back, this Full Moon energy will release that stagnation and help you embrace new ideas and information.

It’s a great time to study, read, publish, write, teach, and expand your knowledge in brand new directions.

Sagittarius is also about connecting with our friends and social circle.

How to use June’s Strawberry Moon energy:

Balance work and fun

Make time for what needs to be done ie your work and responsibilities, but make sure you balance those with play time and fun.

Review where you need to let go of structure and embrace spontaneity.

I meditated

Find time to quiet your mind during this Full Moon period.

Meditation is the best way to return yourself to a calm sense of self in the midst of chaotic energy.

It is also a wonderful way to practice listening to your inner voice and learn to follow your own authority rather than that of others.

Detox and cleanse

As with every Full Moon, this is an ideal time for detoxing, releasing, cleansing, completing projects, and getting rid of any possessions, habits, or thought processes that are out of date and taking up space in your life.

If you’re not sure what that means for you, try this quick exercise.

  • See yourself as you are right now. See yourself objectively in your mind.
  • Now imagine the things you wish were different in your life.
  • Can you energetically feel what needs to be removed from your current situation to bring about those changes?

Rather than seeing yourself as someone who needs to be ‘fixed’ see yourself as already whole, but needing to remove all the layers that just don’t serve as your highest self.

This will be completely unique to you. If you’ve been putting off certain tasks and procrastinating, maybe you need to get serious about structure and time management.

Otherwise, maybe you’ve been working too hard and long for some free time.

You might see this as a complete overhaul of your diet, lifestyle and routine.

Or you feel called to throw out some old clothes or reduce certain possessions.

If you’re not clear on what this looks like for you, brainstorm any issues that come to mind for hiring in your journal.

It is so important to always throw something out of your life during a Full Moon –

whether that is physically letting something go or metaphorically releasing something.

The reason why this is so good to do on a Full Moon is that the cosmic energy fully and lovingly supports those actions.

Whatever you decide to let go of during this time will leave you feeling lighter, less burdened, and much more able to move forward on your life path at a higher frequency.

Believe me, the Universe knows when you make an effort to change or transform and will always reward you for it.

Finally, use this Full Moon period as a time to clarify where you are directing your energy.

Ask yourself questions about your goals and desires, and reflect on what needs to be done to achieve them.

Use the beautiful, positive and gentle vibrations of this Full Strawberry Moon to make any necessary changes in direction.

Be super honest with yourself about where you put your attention and focus.

You just get to choose where to put your energy.

You can choose to release everything that is holding you back, and make time for a deep but also enjoyable connection.

Sagittarius represents freedom, optimism, forward movement, and all that is new and expansive about life.

With some honest reflection and small adjustments, you can learn to incorporate those values ​​into your life in everything you do.