Welcome New Beginnings With the New Moon in Virgo

This week you can strengthen your efforts to welcome all new beginnings with the Super New Moon of September 17/18 in the sign of Virgo.

A Super New Moon happens when the Moon comes very close to the Earth.

We will not be able to see the moon on this night, but the lunar energies are strong and can penetrate all our lives in a positive way.

As happens every time there is a New Moon, this period offers an extra charged environment in which to set your intentions and manifest your dreams.

Anything you set in motion between now and the next Full Moon will be charged with lunar energies that help set the tone for what’s to come.

Virgo is all about health and healing, alternative therapies and clean eating. It is also a sign that encourages slowing down and becoming aware of where you put your attention and energy. Not one for scattered energy, Virgo needs direct focus on one task at a time in order to get things done.

Virgo is also known as a very organized and tidy sign, whether this is applicable to all Virgos or not, you can certainly take advantage of that energy to clean and tidy your home and work space, both physically as well as energetically.

A New Moon is an auspicious time to ignite your higher or divine self, remembering how that powerful spark within is what guides you to higher vibrations and frequencies.

This connection with your higher self will serve you in the coming moments of life that are more chaotic or challenging.
This has been such a tough year for many people around the world. Panic, anxiety and fear were widespread and continue to surround us.

There was a lot of emphasis on division, hatred and global chaos.

By connecting with your own personal vibration, you can channel the energy of this Virgo New Moon to contribute to the light, love, unity and beauty of the world instead of anger, hatred and polarization.

The world is very big, but it has never been truer that each of us can make a difference through our personal frequencies.
Our power lies within and we contribute to a different reality for the entire world simply by creating the reality of our own dreams in our own lives.

New Moon Intention: To put my energy and consciousness on what I want to attract and create and not be pulled out of alignment by events in the world with their noise and fear.

Natural Health and Healing to Restore your Energy

As the sign of the healer, Virgo encourages us to tap fully into the healing power of Mother Nature.

Spend time in fields, forests and rivers, lakes and oceans or whatever is available to you wherever you are in the world.
Consider eating more plant foods at this time. Drink raw juices and eat colorful plates of fruits and vegetables to increase your intake of nature as a medicinal and healing food.

Digestion is also important under the sign of Virgo so focus on your gut health. Having a healthy gut is essential to your energy and happiness.

Now is the time to investigate any probiotics or herbal supplements you may be taking. Read articles and books on the subject and consider how your current diet regime can be improved.

Do more yoga, get a massage if possible, take time to think of yourself holistically.

New Moon Intention: To take time to restore and revive my energy by taking care of my physical health and treating my body with reverence.

Create Stillness and Resilience Within

Virgo energy is great for taking care of the quality of your mind. Now is a wonderful time to get into a meditation routine, the Virgo New Moon promotes order and discipline. Finding inner stillness every morning can do wonders to address your repetitive thoughts or negative habits and any insecurities or beliefs you wish to change.

New Moon Intention: To tap into my inner strength through self-confidence and wisdom, knowing that I am much stronger than I realize.
Try this New Moon in Virgo Ritual

On the night of or around the New Moon in Virgo, you can light a candle and sit quietly to meditate. Once you feel that you have created a calm stillness within, open your eyes and take out your notepad and pen. Write down your intentions for the coming month. Focus on questions like,
“If I wasn’t afraid, what would I do?”
“How can I proactively work towards my dreams every day?”
“What simple things can I do to take better care of myself?”

Once you have recorded or written down your intentions, you can read them out loud to yourself in an affirmative voice. Practice feeling the desire as a physical sensation in your body. Let the emotions of excitement be present within you physically.
Surrender your intentions to divine timing and release your desires.

Happy New Moon in Virgo!