What Abundance Really Means (Because It’s More Than Material Wealth)

Abundance. What does the word mean to you? In general, when we talk about abundance we see it as a state of having a lot of wealth and living a luxurious life. This is, however, a limited way of understanding abundance.

Being physically rich is just a form of abundance. Abundance is alive in the Universe in many forms.

We tend to think that abundance equals great wealth simply because having a lot of money seems to be the solution to many of our challenges, along with satisfying our desires. The problem is that material wealth is actually not the ultimate solution to everything, it comes with its own limitations. It does not always give us what we are looking for spiritually or existentially. It doesn’t necessarily bring happiness. Money can’t buy love or health.

That’s why it’s best to open your mind and heart to more than just material wealth, to also include other types of abundance.

Think about it, what is the meaning of true abundance?

Isn’t that a joyous feeling when you know you have an abundance of health, relationships, talents, knowledge, happiness, peace, and vitality? It’s that wonderful feeling of living a full and fulfilling life with a sense of purpose in every moment. An overflowing sense of wholeness.

In this world we humans have created a type of negative programming that seems to embody the opposite of abundance consciousness.
It is the idea that:

  • There is not enough for all of us
  • You can never get enough
  • You must always be chasing something
  • You must always be trying to avoid something else
  • Be afraid all the time because you can never be truly safe

And the rest…

The truth is that abundant consciousness is available to us and exists in the Universe around us.

It is the magnificent Earth we live on. In the green and luscious forests, jungles, and pastures. It is the oceans and rivers and lakes. It is the range of species that live in this world with us, from the smallest colorful hummingbird to the blue whale. It is the sunlight every morning as you open your eyes and the laughter of children. They are the stars in the sky and the miracles of every cell in our own human body.

Our universe is magical and provides us with constant reminders of the true nature of abundance.

We don’t have to seriously go looking for it, it’s all around us at all times and there really is no such thing as scarcity. No such thing as failure.

There is just a lack of awareness.

Take some time today to look around you and observe the truly wonderful abundance that exists in the world. Embrace the concept of unlimited abundance and know that it means that you really can manifest anything you desire.

The key to tapping into this abundance consciousness is in understanding the flow of sharing and giving. Your positive actions and good thoughts create more abundance in the form of your desires and dreams. When you share your unique gifts and talents with the rest of humanity, you create a positive flow of energy that magnetizes more abundance back to you.

Think about the following ways you can increase your connection to abundance:

What Abundance Really Means (Why It's More Than Material Wealth)

Cultivate Courage

Fear is a huge obstacle to abundance flowing naturally into your life. It can stop you from living up to your highest potential. If you are afraid to truly be the best version of yourself, you may have low expectations and never be fully true to who you are. If you are creative but never follow your talents, or if you have a great urge to do something but are too afraid to do it, you will never be able to channel your energy effectively in the direction of abundance. Decide to cultivate confidence, courage and empower yourself within to tackle your problems and follow your dreams.

Be Positive

A positive state of mind filled with emotions such as love, gratitude, compassion, kindness and happiness is one that attracts abundance. When you make the effort to make positivity your default setting, your natural state of mind, you become a magnet for more positive energies and abundance. Make an effort to think before you criticize, practice empathy and understanding, and always check in with yourself for a grounded and conscious response to any situation.


Being grateful is one of the best ways to tap into the abundance that surrounds us all. When you feel appreciation and gratitude for your life, you attract more things to be grateful for. Make lists of things you are grateful for and make sure you stop and appreciate your surroundings every day.

I meditated

When we meditate regularly we practice gaining awareness of abundance by bringing stillness and stillness to our minds. Even for just a few minutes, that practice of setting yourself on a deep level helps develop attention, center your thoughts, and focus and slow your breathing to benefit your nervous system. All of those things help keep you vibrating higher and in frequency alignment with the true abundance of the universe.