What Does Taurus Season Have in Store for you? 

If you’re wondering what’s next on the astrological calendar, read on to find out how tenacious bull season can help you achieve your goals.

Taurus Horoscope 2023 | Taurus zodiac…

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Taurus Horoscope 2023 | Taurus zodiac sign horoscope forecast 2023

All the fire and intensity of the Aries season has come to an end and we now welcome into the sensual and solid energy of the Taurus season, which begins April 20th.

Incidentally, this is right between the Aries New Moon Solar Eclipse and Mercury Retrograde.

All this means that the extra dose of powerful cosmic energy will give our grounded Taurus season a more transcendental, awakened feeling to it.

We can be full of motivation and desire to seek higher frequency experiences and more aligned ways of living.

In general, the Aries season is characterized by strong power and bold beginnings, while the Taurus season is linked to a slower and earthier energy that helps us pause, reflect, and take stock of our lives and to what extent we arrived

As the sun moves through the signs of the zodiac, the energy also changes from Cardinal to Fixed.

Cardinal is symbolized by quick energy, inspired action, and new ideas.

Fixed energy is more about a steady and persistent kind of focus.

So you can see how these two energies are perfectly complementary to each other.

All the creative plans and ideas you felt bubbling under Aries can now be given constant and sustainable forward momentum.

If Taurus season could talk and give us all some advice, it would tell us to look to the future and think carefully about the kind of foundation we are creating to ensure we manifest our dreams and goals.

The key word with Taurus is foundation.

Taurus is all about making progress in the form of small, practical and diligent steps forward with an eye on the long term rather than the short term.

Symbolized by the bull – Taurus is a sign of tenacity, steady power, and determination.

The energy will feel grounded in reality, and calming.

As an Earth sign, Taurus is not about whims and impulsive action but rather a laser-like focus on what needs to be done, without distraction.

This means that Taurus season has the potential to be fantastic for staying on track and staying committed to your highest goals and desires.

If you started a creative project during this Aries season, keep going with it, even deepen your efforts – the energy is all in your favor to go hard.

All work and no play….well we know how that goes, right? So don’t forget that Taurus is also all about earthly pleasures.

With Venus as its ruling planet, this Earth sign enjoys some good luxuries of homeliness and self-indulgence.

It’s a great time to establish a routine that keeps you moving forward on your biggest plans, but also factors in time for a few pampers.

I will share with you some of my favorite ways to honor the Taurus Energy in my life and routines as we move through the second half of April and into May.

Solidify Your Routines

As discussed, Taurus season is all about being realistic, disciplined and practical.

Create a solid plan for the next month that includes practical steps to achieve your goals, along with the priorities you need to include every day in order to make progress on your dreams.

Set yourself goals with actionable steps per day or week.

If you are writing a book, you can create a goal of 1000 words a day, or 3 pages a day, or whatever works for you.

If you’re working on setting up a business, set goals you know you can reach each week as you go through that initial process.

Taurus is here to give you a big helping hand to make your dreams come true!

Heal your Throat Chakra

Taurus rules the face, neck and throat which makes this an ideal time to work on healing and removing any energy blocks in your throat chakra to encourage free expression and a pure flow of energy.

  • Try a visual meditation to heal your throat chakra: Imagine blue light healing, bathing, and clearing any stagnant energy that remains there.
  • Express yourself through song, words, speech, or write your thoughts on paper. Release what feels blocked by vocally letting it out.
  • Always make sure that your communication with others is aware and honors your truth.
  • Yoga practice poses such as chest expansion, cobra, and neck rotations that can help relieve tension in the throat and neck area.

Treat yourself with Love

The way you treat yourself is so important so make sure you do it in a way that really strengthens your heart, body, mind and soul.

Taurus loves sensuality and luxury, so make room in your life for long baths and pampering with essential oils and healing salts.

Light a candle to accompany your morning meditation, or linger in the sun a little longer just enjoying the feel of it on your skin.

Taurus loves to discover the magic in the mundane, so find a way to do that in your day.

This may look like changing your routine in simple ways – taking the scenic route, creating a new recipe, planning an alfresco picnic, or a special kind of date night.

Whatever you do, do it with an attentive and loving attitude towards yourself and others, always.

Stay on the ground

Taurus energy can be tough and can cause you some frustrations – stay strong, stable, solid and grounded in yourself while remaining open to whatever the Universe brings.

The main takeaway from the Taurus Season is – Make steady progress, stay grounded and grounded, and take care of yourself.

You can practice the following affirmations to anchor in the steady energy of the season:

  • I am always grounded and calm.
  • I am balanced and whole.
  • Abundance flows easily for me when I am stable and calm.
  • I connect with life with joy and inspiration.
  • I know my innate potential.
  • I am committed to my highest goals.
  • I have absolute faith in my success.