What’s Keeping You Broke? 10 Money Blocks You Need to Know

Cha-ching! Cha-ching!

When you read this, did it give you a positive reaction about money?

Last week, we talked about what a money block is and how you can overcome it.

So, just a quick summary: Money blocks are what stand in the way of your financial success and freedom.

These are a sequence of ideas, attitudes, or mindsets that prevent you from achieving your goals.

It could be paying off debt, saving money fast, increasing your income streams, and financing the lifestyle of your dreams.

But there are many blocks of money out there, and we will try to move on them one by one.

Because when you are aware, then you have the power to fix it.

If you have been asking yourself what is keeping you broke, then these may give you an idea.

Money Block #1: Avoiding Liability

You have a deep belief that someone else should take responsibility for your financial well-being.

Maybe this is an ex or a relative – someone other than yourself.

But in reality, you’re empowering yourself to be self-reliant and resourceful by looking outside for sources that don’t matter. (or you know) something of value on their own.

Think it’s not up to you?

Think again – because when we allow others to manage our finances without taking steps to do so ourselves, we are really giving away the little sense of control we can have as individuals!

Money Block #2: Belief in Self-Deficiency

This is actually a common mentality. If you have ever caught yourself thinking, I am not enough – then you are holding on to this belief too.

It is an indication that you are maintaining a mindset based on scarcity, not feeling worthy, and believing yourself to be inadequate.

This is because we do not value ourselves enough, and therefore we cannot see the good in our lives reflected back to us by prosperity.

Money Block #3: Money Worship

Money worshipers believe that money is the key to happiness, so they spend most of their time working for it.

But, because of this belief system, many people are too afraid or don’t have enough income at the end of each month to be happy with what they have now — they always want more.

In an attempt to buy even just one hour of true happiness (whatever form that may take), these types go into debt, spending far beyond their means on things like clothes and cars because those items will make them happier than if they had saved all year instead.

Money Block #4: Giving Money

Giving is an important part of life.

We have a common misconception that receiving is selfish and the way we can compensate for this is by giving excessively, but in reality, overgiving takes away what you need to bring your best self forward in -all areas of your life.

In today’s world, it can be easy to think that you are getting something “egoist”; however, while giving should not go unnoticed, excessive giving drains time and energy from us, so make sure there are times when you take care of yourself too!

Money Block #5: Money Doubts

If people continue to think that they will not attract good fortune, then they will stay where they are.

You will get what you expect in life.

If you have low expectations, then that is exactly what the result will be. Why?

Where we focus our attention grows and multiplies, so if we spend more time thinking about all the negative things that could happen, instead of what could go right, it shows in those results!

No matter which way it goes, a positive or negative outlook can both lead to good results: either with astonishing satisfaction or utter disappointment.

Money Block #6: Associate Wealth with Greed

Many people judge wealth and the rich.

You may think that those who collect large amounts of money have no ethics or morals, while others may associate them with greed for more than their fair share at the expense of the well-being of others.

While it is important to stay grounded in our moral codes, becoming too fixated on how much one has can create a scarcity mindset rather than an abundance mindset.

Money Block #7: Lack of Specificity

If you want things done, you need to set specific goals for yourself.

While it may seem like a lot of work at first glance, these measurable and achievable goals will give your subconscious the necessary motivation to make them happen.

You only think vague concepts like “freedom” or “a better life”; instead, be very clear about what exactly this freedom looks like and how long it will take before said goal is achieved.

Money Blocks #8: I turn away from the Signs

Your gut instincts are important to your success.

Often it is instinct that helps us make the right decision or find something we are looking for, but it can also be a sign from the universe!

Never underestimate how powerful our gut instinct is.

To strengthen and develop intuition, try to meditate every day – even for a maximum of 10 minutes a day.

This will help you develop stronger self-confidence when making decisions about which path to take after life’s endeavors, such as career paths and relationships, without getting lost in doubt.

Money Blocks #9: Fear of Success

The problem with your subconscious mind is that it can actually be terrified of getting what it wants!

It may be that you are afraid of change or worried about the consequences. While being cautious can often lead to success, these fears will always hold back potential progress and opportunities in life.

Money Blocks #10: Money Vigilance

Many people watch their finances very closely, whether they want to make sure the money is safe and sound or simply to spend it wisely.

Money watchers know that wealth comes from hard work and a little luck; at least, it often does.

The problem with this personality type arises when they take frugality too far:

Saving the last dollar out of fear of losing what has been earned instead of preferring to spend time living life in the present.

With all these blocks of money, what is worth the most to you?

Tell us, and we’ll give you tips on how to beat them!