Want to Manifest? Stop Writing in Your Gratitude Journal!

Don’t you believe me? Read on, and I’ll tell you why.

Having a gratitude journal is good.

You can keep writing about what you are thankful for, but having a gratitude journal won’t help you if you want to manifest something specific.

It will not attract what you want. When it comes to manifesting, you need a different energy.

For example, you’re on your way to run an errand, and then your car breaks down.

People come to stop and help you on your merry way.

And practice gratitude by being more grateful to all those who helped you.

In this case, gratitude works! Inspire others to help you.

But what if the scenario was different. No broken car included. What if you want a new car?

Should you be grateful for what you have now? Yes.

But can you guess what the energy you are supposed to be if you want to manifest the car of your dreams?

It is:

a: Grateful Energy

b: Determined and Assertive Energy

Give it a full minute of thought. Do you have an answer ready?

The Correct Answer is Letter B: Determined and Assertive Energy.

Because this is the energy of getting what you want, it will help you in negotiations and get the best deal possible!

Without this energy, you will never have the car of your dreams.

This is the energy that lets the Universe know you mean business.

So, it’s time to stop watching online manifestation videos that give you a one-size-fits-all approach.

Align your energies with what you want to attract into your life, whether it be abundance, love, or great health.

Don’t be stuck with one energy.

You see, when you align and change your energy based on what you want to manifest, the Universe senses that change.

You will hear your frequency and know that YOU ARE READY.

Your energy is giving off that positive vibration that you are ready for the next level.

And if you want to start living the life of your dreams, stop writing in your gratitude journal and create a manifestation journal instead.

Write down all your wishes and turn them into reality one by one by changing your energy.

In your manifestation journal, write down all your desires one by one; you can even include a timeline for each.

For the car you want, write when you want to have it.

For the house you’ve always dreamed of, set a date when you want to live in it.

Or the pay rise you’ve always hoped for, set it for next week.

Believe in yourself, and you will get what you want – anything you desire.

Happy Manifestation!