What’s the Right Chakra for You Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Despite its complexity, spirituality is an incredibly rewarding practice.

Mysticism can only be achieved by putting in a lot of hard effort; it requires immense determination and patience to learn.

Yes, there are times when we can’t help but think about how much effort it takes.

But don’t worry. You can start learning about what to do if you know the right chakra for you.

You see, each zodiac sign has its own chakra. This chakra is your power.

If you don’t know what they are or how they work, these are places in our body where energy from the depths of our being is absorbed, transformed and distributed, creating an aura that changes according to the nature of the energetic forces.

The 7 Chakras are:

The Crown Chakra, it is the last point of energy that can be found in our head. It has an impact on everything connected to the mind, including knowledge and comprehension.

Third Eye Chakra located behind the middle of your forehead. It is the physical manifestation of what we know as the Sixth Sense. It is an energy point on the forehead that is strongly related to clairvoyance, intuition, as well as creativity, and perfection.

The Throat Chakra is a catalyst of communication and creative energy located in the middle of the neck. When you are open, you can express yourself truly and easily. However, when you are blocked, you will find it difficult to find the words to get your message across.

The Heart Chakra it is located in the middle of the chest and corresponds to the Air element. It is concerned with the purest love, which underpins compassion, empathy, and forgiveness.

The Solar Plexus Chakra it is a disc located in our belly and controls our will, feelings of change, and our personal strength. It is also connected to the element of Fire.

The Sacred Chakra it is located in the abdomen and is associated with the Water element. It has an impact on both our emotions and our libido.

The Root Chakra, located in the perineum and associated with the Earth element, it is a vital energy center that is strongly linked to our need for survival and our capacity for economic growth.

The Right Chakra Based on Your Zodiac Sign

1. ARIES: Solar Plexus Chakra

Aries people cannot live life without fire, passion and freedom. This is why their dominant chakra is the one that represents self-expression, inspiration and dominance.

2. GEMINI: Throat chakra

Gemini people love to dream and often have their heads in the clouds. But they like to live a life based on their truth. Therefore, their dominant chakra is the throat.

3. TAURUS: Root Chakra

Taurus people do not like change so they are closely associated with their root chakra. This chakra focuses on being grounded.

4. CANCER: Sacred Chakra

Cancer people love sensuality and refinement in their sexuality. The sacral chakra is their dominant chakra. These people must live the creative life or they will feel lost without it.

5. LEO: Solar Plexus Chakra

Leo people should not let their egos get the best of them. Even though their dominant chakra is the solar plexus, they still have to be careful not to come across as boastful.

6. TRUE: Chakra of the Islands

Many Virgos are introverts, and sometimes, they can appear to be clueless. But if they work on their Island Chakra, they learn how to express themselves better.

7. LIBRA: Heart Chakra

Love is what rules Libra. They wear their hearts on their sleeves. This is why their dominant chakra is their heart. They must be careful not to get stuck too quickly.

8. SCORPIO: Third Eye Chakra

Scorpios are sensual creatures. And they know what is good and bad for them. They have a strong imagination and intuition because of their Third Eye Chakra.

9. SAGITTARIUS: Sacral Chakra

Sagittarius are passionate people in all aspects of life. They must learn to establish a perfect balance between their creative instincts and their sexual impulses.

10. AQUARIUS: Heart Chakra

One of the most understanding and compassionate signs in the zodiac is Aquarius. The major chakra is the Heart Chakra. Aquarians shine in a way that transcends all boundaries and exudes an exceptional mix of positive emotions.

11. CAPRICORN: Root Chakra

The Root Chakra is in charge of Capricorn people. Something that meshes well with their more diligent and professional self, something that allows them to thrive in any challenging or complicated circumstance.

12. PISCES: Crown Chakra

Pisces is the most spiritual of all the zodiac signs. This is why the Crown Chakra is their dominant chakra. They know how to balance their life between fun and seriousness.

So, what do you think? Is this the right chakra for you?