Why you Need to Shed Your Ego in Order to Manifest your Best Life

The Law of Attraction teaches us that everything is energy and vibration.

Through our thoughts, we have the power to create the world around us. Our own reality.

However many people struggle to actually live the life they want. Why?

Well, I believe it is connected to our human ego and the need to try to control everything so that it is perfect.

The ego likes to be in control and tells us that we need endless things in order to be happy.

It sets us up to always be chasing after things we feel we need but in reality, it keeps us from living our most authentic lives.

When we allow the ego to direct us, we disconnect from the wider and omniscient power that is the invisible force of all things in the Universe.

A big part of the key to manifesting is understanding that what you want already exists on a deeper level.

When you internalize that you are already connected to everything you want, you realize that you don’t have to chase after it. It already exists.

We humans construct an idea of ​​how things should be all the time. We care deeply about who and what we are. We make assumptions about what will make us satisfied and end up frustrated.

The ego pushes us to seek external validation and promote our self-importance.

In this world of constant celebrity news and self-promotion on social networks, it’s so easy to fall into the trap of self-absorption.

People always want attention and to be noticed. The energy frequency that accompanies that need is very low.

It is focused on the need to run, control, and have validation from outsiders in order to feel good.

Our true self is eternal. It is the spirit within that is connected to that wider and omniscient force in the Universe.

Our ego holds us back from true manifestation on an authentic level.

Read the following statements:

  • I am what I have
  • I am what I do
  • I am what others think of me
  • I am separated from everyone
  • I am separated from all that is missing in my life
  • I am separated from God

Do you see how those statements imply that you are defined by anything other than your invisible connection to Source?

They imply that you are defined by your possessions, achievements, and the opinions of others.

They remove power and disconnect. They make you feel lost without guidance and dependent on all these external factors to make you happy.

In order to truly conquer the art of manifesting, you must lose this false idea of ​​who you are and connect with your spirit within

The way of your higher self is to reflect your inner reality, rather than the outer illusion

One of the best ways to practice doing this is to keep asking yourself this question that Eckhart Tolle so succinctly put.

“Instead of asking “What do I want from Life?” a more powerful question is, “What does life want from me?”

When you consider this question, you automatically become more focused not only on your highest path but on how you will benefit others around you, rather than just compiling a long shopping list of what you want to receive.

You have to be able to develop the ability to get past the need to say ‘Look at me!’.

It is so challenging because we are taught from an early age to seek validation and approval from our parents, academic institutions, and peers.

It can take some serious undoing to get rid of that desire for approval. But once you do, you really let go of the need to impress and achieve.

You will discover that the real meaning of happiness has nothing to do with how others perceive you and whether you have their approval or not.

Here are some ideas of how you can practice tapping into your true desires and throw away those ego blocks once and for all!

Every time you find yourself feeling drawn to something from your ego, ask yourself the question:

“Is this a loving and healthy choice for my soul?”

If you practice checking in with yourself before you act, you will train your mind to prioritize the things that are most aligned with your highest self.

Meditation is another wonderful way to train yourself to listen to your inner spirit. You can use regular meditation to practice feeling that force of energy that is the entire Universe within you.

By putting your attention on your breath and slowing down your system, you begin to become aware of that divine spark within.

You can distinguish between something your ego wants you to have and something that actually serves a higher purpose for you.

The more you do this, the more you learn to feel that energy – the spirit of your true self working through you – the force of the entire Universe.

You will connect with your true self and stop feeling the need to chase after things. You’ll learn to be less self-obsessed with what you are and what you’ve done and just relax into your life.

Be guided by your infinite self over your ego and feel that all mighty power within you.

When you stop trying to control, relax and let the Universe show you all that it has prepared for you – you will be open to the infinite range of possibilities that your ego has never dreamed of!