The Power of Decluttering: Make Way to a New You

Have you ever tried to downsize your space? How did that feel?

Didn’t you feel free – as if you finally let go of the things you no longer need?

That’s the beauty of decluttering.

You are not only clearing the physical space but also the mental and emotional space.

To be honest… decluttering is a magical tool for manifestation. Curious why?

Consider the fact that everything emits a frequency of energy, which can be characterized as a vibration.

Everything in your home or workplace, from the magnificent artwork on your fireplace to the pile of unread mail in the corner, is vibrating energy.

Actual objects, like ideas, have a vibrational frequency that either lifts you up or pulls you into a happy or negative state of mind.

Emotional as well as physical space is taken up by your possessions.

In addition to making a space look cluttered, clutter can have a negative impact on your mental and emotional health.

As a result, both the mind and the room become cluttered.

When you take a methodical approach to organizing your space, you will see your life transform in truly incredible ways.

Think about all the things in your life that are taking up space.

You can probably name several now!

The act or process of sorting out these unnecessary possessions and getting rid of them will allow you to re-evaluate what’s really important, giving you more clarity on where you want to focus.

Maybe this can make us realize how little those material objects actually matter…

Creating more physical space is also reflected mentally and emotionally.

By gaining a sense of control over your surroundings you make room for the new to enter.

That’s why I believe that your living space is the missing ingredient to see through all those other resolutions you may have.

A clutter-free home is like a starting point for tackling the rest of your life goals, giving you the positive energy needed to tackle them.

Does it feel overwhelming to know where to start?

I’m here to help with some easy steps to reduce simple clutter, and get you on the right track to an organized home and a clearer mind.

Take a look around your space right now.

See something that jumps out at you, something that you wish you had the time to organize or sort out?

Do a quick assessment of what you have accumulated and then visualize how your home would ideally look if it were less cluttered with old things.

Prosperity Tips:

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying by Marie Kondo is a great book for anyone who needs help getting rid of their clutter.

The process can be daunting, but it’s broken down into easy steps and each chapter offers helpful tips on what to do to organize your home or office space so that you’re not only more organized but also feeling better!

The Mental and the Material are Connected:

Have you ever been in a situation where it seemed like nothing was going to change?

You may feel stuck, or even worse – your head is full of negative thoughts and feelings about yourself.

If this sounds familiar then don’t underestimate how your home can reflect what’s going on inside!

When we live somewhere that doesn’t make us happy – whether it’s because there are too many socks or messy toys on the floor – it can change our whole mood.

Don’t underestimate the effects of having a clean and organized home.

Consider the Energy of your Space:

The connection between your frame of mind and where you live, eat and sleep is essential.

The energy in your home will have a profound effect on your own energy as you enter it and spend time there.

Would you rather come home to a calm and soothing open space that inspires you or a sprawling space full of busy and confusing energy?

Digital Detox:

Extend your cleaning mission to your inbox and electronic and digital goods.

That drawer full of wires and cables, those old batteries rolling in the back, get rid of them.

Open your laptop, iPad or phone and delete those old unwanted folders, downloads and files.

Upload storage to the cloud and make sure you know exactly where everything you need is when you need it.

Clearing your desktop will help inspire you when you sit down to a new task not to mention improving your productivity and device speed.

Emotional Release:

Get real and face your fears as you sort out your affairs.

Ask yourself what fear you release as you throw things out.

Is it a memory, something from the past that you are clinging to?

Remember that no matter how much you cling to something, it cannot stay the same permanently.

You don’t have to get rid of things you love, but the idea is that create space for what lifts you up and boosts positivity in your home.

Photos, letters and other sentimental items are hard to throw away.

Ask yourself if you can retain the memory without holding on to the object.

If the answer is yes, find release to make way for something new, safe in the knowledge that no one can throw away your memories.

As you declutter, remember that your newly organized space will radiate positive energy.

Decluttering is not just about becoming a tidier person; the old is also coming out and opening to new eyes on life – which can lead to peace in our homes too!

How about you, do you like decluttering?