3 Habits To Experience Abundance In Your Life Today

When you want abundance to come into your life, you desire it, attract it, and think of it. We get so caught up in doing these things that we ignore our habits. Our daily habits influence the way we think and feel. If we are constantly caught up in negativity, it will be impossible to attract abundance.

Attracting abundance requires consistency. To do this, we must constantly be in a positive state of mind. I know it’s too good to be true, but when we are more aware of our daily habits, we make an effort to become more positive; and that, my friends, is a big step.

Remember, you have a choice of what kind of mindset you can have in your life.

Choose abundance. Always choose it.

An effective way to let abundance come to you is to experience it in your life. Abundance is present in our lives, but we don’t see it that often because it is not the specific abundance we want.

But they are still important…

In fact, they are very important…

Since we are talking about the essential role of habits to attract abundance, I want to talk about specific habits that you can implement in your life that will make you experience abundance.

Experience Abundance With Your Habits

These are habits you can form as part of your daily life to align yourself with the energies of abundance:

1. Pay Attention to Who Helped You Today

The customer representative you spoke to on the phone who helped you solve a problem, even though you are upset with the service, helped you today. A person who randomly held the door for you today while you were loaded with shopping bags at the local grocery store did something nice for you today. The postman who delivered your mail made things a little easier for you today.


Every day, people help you. We hardly notice them because they were part of the mundane. But if you take the time to capture them, you will feel and see abundance in your life. To make it even better, most of these people are random—and they have no idea that they played a big role in someone’s life that day.

You must open your eyes to the abundance around you.

2. See The Beauty In Everything

It’s challenging to see beauty when you’re going about your usual day—doing the same thing in the morning, seeing the same people in the office, etc. Also, it becomes even more challenging to see the beauty in something when you’re having a bad day, or even when you’re too preoccupied.

I encourage you to see the beauty in everything, no matter how small. Take a break from your busy day and just notice the beautiful, little things.

On your desk, that pen is beautiful because you made it. Your blue mug has a nice matte finish. Your mobile phone is made of quality materials. The trees outside your window look so green. The sky never fails to impress even though it is there every minute of the day.

Taking time to notice the beauty in these things will help you see how abundant your life is. Go on, see the beauty in the smallest things; beauty is everywhere.

3. Recognize That You Have Enough Today

When we get frustrated by lack, it’s because you’re in a scarcity mindset—all you can think about is lack. Is that the right mindset? NO.

Instead, recognize what you have today IS ENOUGH.

You are living. You are breathing.

Above all, you managed to get things done. You managed to eat a good meal. You were able to drink glasses of water. You were able to pay for the groceries.

Right now, you have enough.

Tomorrow is another day. You can have more.

Just acknowledge all that you have now and know that they are enough. They will always be enough for today.

There is no one to stop you from experiencing abundance in your life. Abundance is here every day. All you have to do is get into the habit of noticing them and you’re good to go.

Eventually, you will have more abundance in your life.