Change Your Money Energy & Reach The Abundance You Desire

Abundance is a state of mind and in life, your state of mind determines which path you take.

One path is paved with incredible abundance, the other is paved with scarcity.

Whichever way you choose to travel is entirely up to you and you can change it at any moment.

If you are traveling the path of scarcity, you will likely experience life as a series of missed opportunities and regrets. You may have constant anxiety about finances and feel like you are missing out on what could be yours. If you are traveling the path of abundance, you are living your life to the fullest, feeling happy, creative, inspired, and easily enjoying opportunity after opportunity.

If these statements are making you wonder which path you’re on, that’s fine.

Now is the time to take control of your life and open yourself to more abundance.

Abundance is for us all. This can be very hard to believe until you have worked through your abundance blocks and scarcity mindset.
The truth is that it is very challenging for most of us to feel abundant about our financial situations because we are constantly worried that we will never have enough money.

Our negative money stories have created a scarcity mentality and often we are not even aware of how deep it goes. Even those of us who are “doing well” by most standards, can be doing much better if we harness an abundance mindset.

Life doesn’t have to be about just getting by, life can be an incredible dream come true.

Do you believe that?

We live a life of limited abundance by accident, simply not realizing the magnitude of wealth and abundance available to us.
If you want to get out of the small financial life you are living, and experience a bigger life full of purpose, vision and fulfillment, you have to change your mindset.

You want to raise your financial awareness and open yourself and your life to abundance.

Here’s how to get started:

Be aware of your financial history. It can be integrated into your identity, so embedded in your personal history that you don’t even realize you’re repeating it.

The first step is to ask yourself what you believe about money. How hard do you believe it is to get and what do you have to do to get it or deserve it?

Does your money story tell you that it is difficult for you to have abundance? Most of us do not really believe in the abundance of possibilities that actually exist.

Once you are familiar with the stories you have been telling yourself about wealth and abundance, you can begin to open yourself to new stories that serve you in a positive way.

If this sounds like you, start adopting an expansive state of mind instead of either worrying or accumulating more “stuff” in an attempt to avoid the truth.

Change Your Money Energy and Capture The Abundance You Desire

One of the key factors to attracting abundance is really doing the tricky inner work to change your beliefs and old money story. You have to believe that you already have what you need.

Abundance is something that exists within you. You have access to it all the time.

The way you focus your energy around money is what needs to change.

Knowing that you are not comparing your self-worth to the amount of money you have, but rather to the way you choose to live your life, makes a significant change in your life.

Remember, abundance is a state of mind. This means that the way you approach everything you do comes from that positive frame.
Abundant people prioritize their lives. Abundant people know that creating a financial balance allows for a secure future.

If you hide from your bills and avoid thinking about what you owe, recognize that behavior.

Do you live frugally out of fear? Or do you overspend in an effort to feel more generous and abundant?
Now is the time to get real about your individual money story. How did you grow up thinking about money? How did your parents talk about money?

Note how you tend to talk about money with others, and write down the kinds of words you use. Write down any observations you make about actions you’ve taken with money or things you’ve bought or not bought, thought about, literally anything that comes to mind as an important indication of your inner money story.

Do this for a week and be very honest with yourself. At the end of the week assess your list and see what needs to change for you in terms of internal beliefs.

Understand that nothing can change until you do something different. Vibrationally, you can only attract something different when you shift your frequency to a higher level. There can be no other way.

When you do the inner work of understanding your behavior with money, you free yourself from living a small financial life. You open yourself up to possibilities and become intentional with your well-being. Your vibration raises around finances and you begin to see changes.

Finally, I would like to leave you with this question. If you were provided with everything you need, what would you choose to do with your money?

Your answer will clarify and illuminate what lights you up inside.