5 Crystals To Amplify Your Self-Care Rituals

Self care is even more important these days. There are many ways to take care of yourself—from doing what you love to taking a long bath. 🛀🏻

Prioritizing your self-care is important to your overall well-being. 💆🏼‍♂️

Now, you can amplify your care routine using the powers of crystals.

Here are some crystals that can help with your self-care routines:

1. Moonstone

5 Crystals To Enhance Your Self-Care Ritual

A popular stone due to its eye-catching qualities, the moonstone is known as a stone for new beginnings. It is the stone that can promote inner growth, peace, calm and patience. Moonstone also helps individuals tap into their intuition to guide them in healing.

2. Lapis Lazuli

5 Crystals To Enhance Your Self-Care Ritual

If you love the color blue, then you will definitely appreciate the blue shade of lapis lazuli. The stone is known to seek the truth within our mental and spiritual self. It is also known as the stone of wisdom which encourages the wearer to seek knowledge and learn about the things they are passionate about.

3. Amethyst

5 Crystals To Enhance Your Self-Care Ritual

The beautiful properties of amethyst make it one of the most popular crystals today. One of its best properties is that it can promote healing. It is also a stone that helps promote a sense of calm. In addition, amethyst is also known to offer protection and purification.

4. Rose Quartz

5 Crystals To Enhance Your Self-Care Ritual

Also known as the stone of love ❤️, rose quartz is one of the most important stones on the planet. How can you use it for personal care? It stimulates and opens your heart chakra, consequently, clearing your emotional self of obstacles that hinder you from experiencing the love that is available in your life now. In addition to promoting self-love, it also promotes love for others.

5. Tiger Eye

5 Crystals To Enhance Your Self-Care Ritual

Many people struggle with their metabolism and Tiger Eye 🐅 can help with this. The stone stimulates the first, second and third chakras and helps to balance the physical with the spiritual.

How You Can Use These Crystals for Personal Care

Having any of these crystals with you is one thing. But if you really want to immerse yourself in a crystal self-care regimen, here are some ideas you can try at home:

Have a Crystal Bath

5 Crystals To Enhance Your Self-Care Ritual

A crystal bath is relaxing and deeply spiritual. To add to that, it’s as simple as that:

  1. If you have sage, you can clean or clear the energy in your bathroom first. If you don’t have sage, you can clear the energy in the room by meditating for a few minutes and clear your mind. Your mind has a huge impact on the atmosphere in the room.
  2. Place the stone of your choice on the edge of your tub and light a candle next to it.
  3. Fill your bath and add other things to it like bath salts, essential oils, etc.
  4. Step into your bath and place the stone of your choice on your sacral chakra. If you are using multiple stones, place them in your chakra locations.
  5. Close your eyes and relax.
  6. Do this for about 30 minutes and really use the time to use being with yourself.

Have a Crystal Facial Massage

If you have a crystal face roller, then you can use this on your face. However, if you don’t, you can just put the stone on your face. You can also rub if you want. The trick here is to meditate first with the stones you are using. This way, you get in the zone and can fully relax and take your own well-deserved care.

There are many ways to work with crystals. One way to do this is to up your self-care game by using crystals.