5 Survival Tips for Staying Emotionally Grounded As An Empath

Empaths need survival strategies.
Without them, sensitive souls can easily become overwhelmed, you feel
the weight of the world on their shoulders, and absorb the energies of other people.
That is the trademark of an empath.
Empaths naturally become victims of the emotions, thoughts, and feelings of others.

Have you ever wondered if you are an empath?

  • Are you the person everyone turns to when they need to talk?
  • Do you feel, hear, and understand more than most?
  • Do you feel instinctively drawn to empathize with someone else?
  • Does your mood sometimes change inexplicably?
  • Do you feel exhausted after being in crowds or around many people?
  • Are you emotionally affected by intense movies and TV shows?
  • Does a lot of loud noise affect you physically?
  • Do you prefer to be alone because you feel calmer?

If you answered yes to a few of these you are probably an empath.

You Must Protect Your Energy

Being an empath can be both wonderfully enriching and one hundred percent draining. The world is constantly changing and full of challenges. Empaths are very sensitive, so they feel the energy of other people strongly and often without realizing it. If you are an empath, you may feel your mood change suddenly and you may feel high levels of anxiety, sadness or exhaustion after being with other people or even just reading or watching stories.

Empathy really is an intense experience. Empaths feel like psychics, able to intuit all the nuances of the situation, and feel fatigued by social encounters. When a situation is a struggle or full of conflict, an empath can feel completely overwhelmed. Empaths absorb everything that is going on in the room, whether it is positive, negative or downright confusing.

Some empaths go beyond feeling the emotions and feelings of those close to them and can even carry the burden of the world and its problems, pain, anger, and injustice caused by the war, poverty, and evil. This can become really overwhelming for empaths.
While the gift of empathy can be a powerful and positive thing, you must learn how to stay grounded and balanced so that you are reaping the benefits and not the drawbacks.

Empath Survival Tips to Stay Emotionally Grounded

5 Survival Tips to Stay Emotionally Grounded as an Empath

  1. Set Boundaries: Make an intention to experience only the emotions, feelings and sensations that belong to you. It’s great to be a wonderful friend and support those you care about but you have to put yourself first. You are no use to anyone if you are burned out trying to be all things to people.

  2. Spend time in Nature: Empaths absorb energy in both the physical and virtual worlds. Take time away from technology, streaming, reading chats, posts, etc. Anything that creates conflict and extra burdens in your mind must be reduced. Spend time outside, preferably barefoot and walking or lying on the grass outside. Being in a fresh and green environment or near water is healing and soothing. Feel the power of the earth’s nurturing energy through your feet.

  3. Feel your own Emotions: Sometimes empaths are so busy feeling everyone else’s feelings that they forget to process their own emotions. Make sure you stay connected to your emotional needs by journaling, talking to a friend or therapist, talking when you’re experiencing something that needs to be shared and listening to your body through meditation.

  4. Time alone: Whenever you feel that you have taken too much from others, recognize that you need to be alone and remove that negativity and unwanted energy. Take yourself away from the group and be quiet for a few minutes, without noise, phones, or conversations. When you reduce that stimulation you reconnect with yourself in a way that is vital to your well-being.

  5. Cleanse your energy: You can do this physically by taking a soothing bath, adding some essential oils or Epsom salts, and relaxing. You can also take a dip in salt water if possible or swim in natural water. You can also cleanse your energy body with crystals such as Black Tourmaline or Clear Quartz. Meditate while holding the crystals in your hand and focus on their purity and cleansing properties. Imagine yourself being clear of any darker energies that do not belong to you.