Here Comes July: Learn About the Numerology Number 7!

July is the seventh month of the year. And it is only appropriate to inform you about the numerology number 7 and what it means.

The number seven is a very spiritual number, based on the great father of mathematics and numerology, Pythagoras. It is said to represent the flow of kundalini from the base of the spine to the third eye in the center of the forehead between the eyes.

The Number 7 Vibrations

Numerology Number 7

The number seven emits vibrations that are sensitive, reserved, majestic, quiet, calm, humble, serene and pure. It is believed that the number seven is the path to spiritual knowledge because it is patient and wise. The number seven moves away from the outer world of phenomena and through meditation and prayer, can direct itself to the inner region of mystical light.

The Number 7 and Humanity

The number 7 also symbolizes humanity’s deep inner need to find meaning and spiritual connection. When human beings’ need for food, material, other domestic achievements are met, they turn to the deeper levels of life to learn and find purpose.

The Road of Life Number 7

Do you have life path number seven? Although the number 7 has a lonely quality, people with this life path must learn how to have faith. When you lack faith, you tend to be cynical.

People with life path number 7 love natural beauty. It is also the number of higher consciousness and wider perspective. If you have this as a life path number, you also tend not to let people know who you are. You are intellectual, analytical, intuitive, reserved, and have a natural inclination towards spiritual objects.

Number 7 in Relationships

People with life path number 7 are very romantic. These are the people who typically fall in love easily. They show a lot of their affection and often express their love and devotion to their partners. However, if their actions are not reciprocated, they tend to become insecure and doubt their partner’s love. When choosing partners, they are attracted to people who are less dreamy than themselves.

When it comes to marriage or long term relationship. they need someone who is open-minded, understanding, and self-aware. They need someone who can relate to their worldly and spiritual views. The 7 should also be with someone who listens well and who can take on extra responsibilities that the 7 may have overlooked or forgotten.

As we welcome the middle of the year 2020, may we all have person number 7 in our lives (if you are not!)

Here’s to an awesome month ahead!